474 Aussie Pally Ret/prot LFGuild NA or OCE to finish bfa and CE prog in Slands

Returning ret/prot pally looking for a ce focused guild to finish bfa and head into prog for Slands. After having 2 guild fall apart at the start of bfa (even tho we were progging well and on track for ce) and deciding to take a break I’ve returned to finish strong in bfa and find a solid home for slands.

Always been an endgame raider far back as vanilla. Very confident in my class and happy to play either ret or prot knowing both very well and if pallys are just hot trash always have a dk in back up to jump in with dps/prot as well. Slightly under geared as I’ve only been back 4 weeks and rets dmg is mostly carried by corruption and mastery hasnt rolled around yet/cloak cant support yet the corruption i need.

OCE/AEDT Sydney times: Thursday to Monday 8:30pm+, Tuesday and Wednesday any time. finish work at 8 thur-mon.

NA/PST: Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday Finishing by 8pm, Monday, Tuesday anytime.

LF a 2-3 night guild looking to take ce’s in slands. Ally only.

Feel free to add me in game Avalon#1534, Discord Descente#1152 or leave a comment here and ill add you.

Very interested in chatting with you, hit us up if we sound like a good fit. Cheers!

ah i should say i have to stay Ally sorry but thank you

Anytime and good luck! I must say I am EXTREMELY disappointed because I do love the Australian accent!!

:stuck_out_tongue: sorry my gf is ally but cant raid with me but we still hang out cant do that if im horde

You both can come!

lol she has her group tho

Still looking for a place to hang this plate up >.< its heavy

Still looking for an Australian accent for our guild! Just gotta be horde!

lol im sure you can find one, aus is a pretty big place

still looking for a home

need that pally love