[H] <I hate it here> Turalyon Tues/Wed 8pm-11pm EST 3/12M LF SL RAIDERS

Have a great night!

Welcome Chelle and Skylar!! We <3 you!

Who’s ready for SLands??

Closer to the weekend, wooh!

bump for exposure! these people are one of the few reasons i stuck around 8.3 and wow for as long as i did! come join us in shadowlands to expand on our already talented raid group who loves to obliterate bosses while keeping a light, friendly, and fun environment

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Priesty <3

Still looking for rockstar DPS!!

Is this ten characters?

I adore you!

Its almost Friday =)

is your guild still recruting

We sure are.

You looking for one?

Happy International Friendship Day!!

Happy Friday!

Happy National Avocado Day!!

Also, Happy Harry Potter’s Birthday!

Happy National Mutt Day!

bump bump bump it

Good morning everyone!!