[H] [Bleeding Hollow] <Cozy> New team in town get it, get it, get it!

My core team just defected from our dead server and landed in Bleeding Hollow to bring our awesome culture to a new vibrant home.

Our guild ethos: Progression, Transparency, Honesty, Fun.

Where we’re at: We just touched down last night. We will clear normal CR this week just for the achievement in a quick run. Next week we will be clearing at least 5/10 on heroic but we’re likely to get farther. Our goal is to put heroic on farm in short order and try our hand at mythic. Logs available upon request to see where our team was at before we moved.

The details: We raid tue/thurs 8:15 - 11:00 server. We will have a weekly alt/beginner raid on either sat/sun and a weekly RBG night. We run mythics and arenas every day.

Who we are: A group that wants to progress but is very focused on having fun and getting a lot done without burning out. We try to understand our roles and push to be better all the time. The group is a diverse set of ages and locations. Communication on progress and expectations in a calm and reasonable manner is paramount. We are emphasizing quality over quantity and will only be inviting people with the right attitude who can contribute on some level to join us. No mas crab muffins.

Who you are: Someone with a positive attitude, somewhere in the progression scale normal through heroic raider or normal through advanced pvper, who wants a new opportunity to build something awesome. This may be a really interesting opportunity for toons on the bench of larger guilds.

What we have open: We only brought our core team over to start fresh, when the dust shakes there will be 16-20 of us. So we have fresh spots as we intend to build two 16-20 player raid teams and at least one RBG team. We have spots for tanks, healers, and dps. Raid team 1 and RBG team 1 positions are open.

Just want to re-emphasize… attitude is important. Be quiet or be social but, have a good attitude.

If interested come chat with me on disc Cozybadguy#8607