197 AFF lock lf AOTC Guild


Rough Around the Edges (RATE) is a Heroic guild currently 10/10N and 2/10H on Dalaran aimed at being a two-night AOTC raiding guild. While we can be considered casual based on number of physical raid nights, we will be taking our progression seriously. we will be using our time on raid night to push and progress. If the group is good, we will consider Mythic content. And we have multiple Mythic + teams that anyone is welcome to join.

Raid time is every Friday and Saturday 9:30-12:20 EST

Current needs:

Healer and DPS

We have experienced raiders in our group, but we do not require an abundance of past experience in order to be considered for a raid spot. What we do require is that you show effort to learn the game, your class, show up on time, and play outside of raid time to keep your character progressing, updated, and ready.

We want people who want to build a nice community so no bad apples are allowed. While progression is our main priority, this is not the place for entitlement and toxicity.

If you are interested in talking a bit more about having a raid spot, you can add me on Discord: Warmarine#1852 , Battle net: Obeone222#1450

Hi, OmegaBloom!

It sounds like you would fit in well with This Is The One on Emerald Dream! We are just starting our heroic progression and are looking for some dps toons.

We can offer that family feel that you’re looking for, and we won’t kick you if you miss our due to RL.

Here is some of our info:

Who We Are:

  • Medium-sized guild with approx. 15-20 active players.
  • Adults with families, jobs, and responsibilities.
  • Casual/Semi-hardcore/Friendly
  • Established group who have been playing together for 3-4 years.
  • Most active 8:30p-12:00a EST/7:30p-11:00p server time nightly, but with a sprinkling of players throughout the day.
  • Raids are Tuesday & Thursday 8:30p-11:00p EST/7:30p-10:00p server time

Who We Are Looking For:

  • 5-7 DPS, healing off-spec is a bonus
  • Warrior, Rogue, Druid, but we wouldn’t turn away someone who fits with the guild and plays a different class.
  • Well-Prepared team players (pots, enchants, flasks, oils/stones, tradeskills/gathering, addons)
  • New (teachable) or experienced raiders/mythic+ welcome
  • Small groups of RL friends welcome, not required
  • Good humans

What We Offer:

  • No more pugging!
  • Guild repairs for those participating in guild raids/mythic+.
  • Help with gearing/Torghast/content
  • Professions/Trade Skills
  • Active Discord
  • Cookies
  • Play what you want (No spec/class requirements for members, but we prefer that you stick with one toon/tier)
  • 3-4 M+ Tanks & 3-4 M+ Healers
  • Understanding that RL comes first; many of us have children/pets/jobs with unpredictable schedules, and you won’t lose a raid spot if you miss.

How To Get In:

  • Respond here
  • In Game - whisper Ilieraa or Kerag

Hello there! The forbidden rising (H) on Hyjal is currently looking for people for our Wed/Thrs team, raid times are 6-9 pst. We are a casual aotc focused guild and strive to have fun and clear content. If you are still looking for a place to call home please reach out to us we think we may be what you are looking for, please add me or our teams RL on btag if you are interested.


Happy gaming!

Hi OmegaBloom
We are a guild that has achieved AOTC and are looking for Damage Dealer. We’re currently on 1/10 Mythic Castle Nathria. We’re looking for experience players that want to progress and achieved AOTC

Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-11pm est.

Current Needs: We’re looking for damage dealer (both Melee and Ranged).

Guild Faction: For The Horde!!!

Our guild is made up of a group of friends that recently transferred to Bleeding Hollow. We aim to be the best guild on this server. All are welcome including competitive players or players that just want to have fun. All of our current members have achieved AOTC as well as pushed mythic raiding with some achieving CE. Many of our players have 99 parses and are in the top 500s.

If you are interested or you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me.

Battlenet Tag: MushMush#1865
Discord: MushMush#4191

Veil of Ignorance 8/10H is recruiting for our core raid team. Raid times are Sat/Sun 7:30 PM - 11 PM ST w/ an optional alt raid Monday. We are looking to fill our raid roster and need another lock so if your interested we are on Sargeras Ally my BTAG is Aerandir#1603

Bloom. Nice to meet you. We are just building out the team on a new server and maybe a great fit. Check out our post and let me know what you think. Either way I hope you find a great home. Cozybadguy#8607 on Discord if you want to talk.


Hello Bloom!

Vengeful is in need of more Heroic Raid minded ladies and gentlemen to join our Shadowlands Raid team. Stormrage - Alliance.

We are currently looking for all Dps classes, Tank with OS, Heals OS.

About Us:
Many of us have previous hardcore progression and Mythic raiding experience from various raid tiers or expansions. We are a more laid back casual guild While currently working through Normal/Heroic content we have plans to try to go to Aotc if we have enough people. We also do Mythic + and Arenas/Bgs on off nights from raiding.

The pertinent information:
We are on Stormrage US, Alliance (Server Transfer is not immediately required)We are 10/10 N, 1/10 H. We raid Thursday/Friday/Saturday: Pulling at 7:00 p.m. Est and going until (the latest) 10 p.m. EST. Additional We use Discord. If you need to leave early due to Real Life than that is fine or if you cannot make it to raid please let one of the Officers/GM know.
What we offer:
Enchants, gems, food, flasks and pots can be created by our Master Craftsmen, often for just the materials. We provide Flasks and Feasts, we will expect you to have enchants, gems, pots, seals and augment runes before we begin the raid. We are helpful and constructive - if you need something we can get it or help you get it. We love innovation, we love pushing the limits, we love working together as a team. We are fun and quirky, sometimes we have to be serious but we are always working to improve and most importantly we are here to have fun.

What we want from you:
Being able to raid 3 days a week for 3 hours a day, preferably Thurs/Fri/Sat 7pm - 10:00pm Server (ET). Your best, fully optimized, best stats ever DPS set cannot be below 190 gear score (ilevel). Be on time, be prepared, have current knowledge of your class and of the boss encounters. Understand directions and be able to carry out assignments. Have previous raid or mythic + dungeon experience and/or you can play at a competent and competitive level. Be able to take constructive and friendly criticism to improve and play better. Be able to maintain a mature demeanor during raids while having a sense of humor during stressful situations ex, Wipes, loot distribution, disconnects.
We are experienced raiders who like to clear content and have fun. We all have full lives outside of the game and looking for more of the same minded folks to join our Team.

You can reach me in Discord at Night#5956
You can also add me on Battlenet: NightKnight#1159389

Thanks for reading and your time,

[H] [House of Zug] Area52

Currently 8/10 Heroic. We are looking for more DPS to join our AOTC focused group. We plan on doing some Mythic for those that are interested in getting into that content. We are a group that enjoys fun and efficient progression as we are mainly a guild of professionals, students and parents with exceptional skills and limited gaming availability. We also do PVP and Mythic+ consistently. If interested please contact me on bnet Ixxon#1964 or discord Ixxon#4013.
Thank you and I hope you find what you’re looking for!

BUMP still looking for a home willing to Xfer servers! Now 5/10 heroic XP as well, 203 ilvl

Hey bud. We never linked up for a chat. I think our guild is perfect for you as we sort of check every requirement you had. Send me a discord message: Cozybadguy#8607. We’re a good match as far as the progression and guild atmosphere you mentioned.

Hello! My guild Evolved might be a good fit for you! We are an 18+ community and most of our members have families, jobs, etc so we understand the importance of real life coming first. Because of this, we do not require 100% raid attendance. We run multiple raid groups, so plenty of room for you! Everyone is super friendly, mature, and a ton of fun to be around. :smiley: We like to focus on having a strong community as it makes the game so much more enjoyable! We do all kinds of things besides raiding such as M+, arena, world pvp, dungeons, etc. We just like having fun together! :slight_smile:

We raid Tues/Fri/Sat from 6-8 pm PST with an optional hour on Fri/Saturday. Evolved is an Alliance guild on the Proudmoore server. Evolved is an heroic AotC focused guild so should meet your needs perfectly on that aspect!
You can read more at:


You can contact me(Evolved’s Recruitment Officer) at BNet Starlight200#1548 or Discord Star#0700 or you can also contact our Guild Leader at BNet Isilou#1142 or Discord Isilaura#51234 if you have any further questions!

I wish you luck in the guild hunt! Finding the right group makes a huge difference!!


if you are looking to join the blue we got a spot for you. we are currently 8/10H on both our teams, check us out here. Phoenix

Hello Feardotcom! I think we match what you are looking for.

MAW COPS, is a 2 Day Heroic/Mythic Guild on US-Mal’Ganis recruiting players looking to focus on progression in Shadowlands. Our objective is to utilize our raid day as effectively as we can. As busy family and working people we want to enjoy our time in the game by progressing as much as we can. This means that we will utilize lockouts to keep progression focused over gear. We aren’t here to get a complete set, it’s to get bosses and have fun.

THE GOAL: To utilize lockouts to push Heroic and Mythic progression only using 1 Raid Night.


  1. A raid team that works together collectively in pursuing the common goal.

  2. Leadership that is transparent and involved with all team members to create a cohesive environment.

  3. Join a team that focuses on progression and mechanical play over gear.


9/10H, 10/10N


  • Sunday 8-11PM EST (7-10PM CST)
  • (Optional) Friday Off Night 8-11PM EST (7-10PM CST)


  • BronzZero#1897 - BronzZero

Dirty Mike and the Boys(H) Malganis is looking for a few dps and healers. We raid Tuesday and Thursday 9-12 est. We slowly gained players and are 10/10 Normal and 3/10 Heroic. Laid back guild. Most players are 30+. We have an active group of players on non raid days for M+. If interested or have any questions please message me on Battlenet MtMan#1965 or Discord MtMan#2491

Hiya to you!

Nocturnal on Zuljin
We have been together since BC and raiding since ULD.

Raid times;
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
10:30p-1:30a (PST)

Progression as of today 9/10H
(On 3rd phase of Sire)

Thank you,
Real ID add

Hello there!

War Theory is a semi-hardcore, 10/10N 8/10H (2nd team 10/10N,1/10H) raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow - US. We strive to complete every boss of the current content before the start of the next raid tier, on a two night, six hour a week, raid schedule. We welcome healthy competition in our roster, and our goal is to promote a balance between progression and fun, while maintaining momentum throughout the current tier.We are a guild that strives to create long-lasting friendships in a virtual world, because let’s face it. This game sucks to play alone.

Raid Times:

We operate on a two day raiding schedule, with an additional optional re-clear night.

Team One:
Friday: 9PM to 12AM EST (6PM to 9PM PST)
Saturday: 9PM to 12AM EST (6PM to 9PM PST)

Team Two
Tuesday: 8pm to 11pm EST (5pm to 8pm PST)
Thursday: 8pm to 11pm EST (5pm to 8pm PST)

Team One: Full
Team Two: 2 Healers (RSham & Hpal) & Melee / Ranged DPS

Additional questions can be directed to Adzz (Revorah#1321) on Battlenet and Adzz#4670 on Discord.

Interested? Join our recruitment discord to fill out an app! discord.gg/aZnVuDr

If interested in a faction change, Azeroth Plumbing Company is a casual guild looking to recruit for heroic raiding. We raid Saturdays 7-10pm cst and are currently 3/10 heroic. We also do Mythic+ on the regular and are always wanting to push high keys. Please check out our Guilds of Wow page and hit me up if you’re interested in joining/checking out our discord.
Discord: Resto#9748
Btag : Moose#13697

Hello Omegabloom

Nocturnal on Zuljin
We have been together since BC and raiding since ULD.

Raid times;
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
10:30p-1:30a (PST)

Progression as of today 9/10H
(On 3rd phase of Sire)

Thank you,
Real ID add

We have a trial night set for Tuesday at raid time

Azeroth Plumbing Co started with a small group of friends looking to get into the Shadowlands expansion, some of us being completely new and inexperienced to others having long raid history. We have been growing from the very beginning and we will continue to grow this community. Our goal is to build a community that strives to raise the bar each raid tier.

I. What we do
Raiding and semi hardcore mythic plus content. Occasionally we do some pvp content.

II. Schedule
Heroic Team: Saturdays 7:00pm - 10pm CST (Server)

III. Progression
3/10 Heroic Castle Nathria
10/10 Normal Castle Nathria

IV. Expectations
If you’re interested in joining us in any form, you should:

  • Be respectful of all players in and outside the guild
  • Have a positive attitude and team-first mentality

For the Raid Team, all of the above and

  • Have foundational understanding of your role.
  • Have high (90+%) attendance, and give prior notice if you’re going to miss a raid
  • Come to raid focused and motivated to kill bosses
  • Be able to handle constructive criticism
  • Take direction well

V. Recruitment
We’re looking for all players who can meet the above expectations. Class/Role-wise we’re looking for everything. Preferably 195ilvl with at least 10/10 Normal CN done.

VI. Application
Please fill out our application on Guilds of Wow if you are interested in joining us. An officer will respond as soon as possible.

VII. Contact

  • Discord: Resto#9748
  • BNET: Moose#13697

We raid wed/thurs/sat (optional) 9-12est
Horde - Bleeding Hollow
We are 10/10h are a guild - most the core is 1-2/10M - Just looking to fill some final dps spots for mythic prog. We have a very strong fun core. We down content and have a good time while doing it. Several Keystone Masters and 2k+ Rating Pushers always looking for people to run with.
Add me on bnet Br33zE#1594 or discord Br33ze420#9584
Hope to hear from you!