Aff Lock and Ele sham duo looking for guild

Hello, a buddy and myself are currently looking for a guild to raid with.

Looking to find a guild with a raid schedule that’s somewhere between 6-10pm est, I work at 4am so don’t want to go any later than 10pm.

We have cleared the raid on normal and gone 5/10H but haven’t raided since the first 2 weeks it opened as we swapped mains and have been gearing up. Now that we are both 200+ ilvl we are looking to get back into it.

We also both run a lot of m+ and would love a guild that does a lot of that as well. If your guild is in need of a lock and an Ele sham, let me know and hopefully we can get in there soon and try out!

Cheating#4048 is my discord, feel free to send me a message on there, or just reply to this thread

Hey there!

Onward is an Alliance guild on Sargeras. We currently raid once per week (Thursdays 8p-11p EST). I know it’s a little later than you wanted, but maybe since it’s only 1 night a week it could work?

We are currently 10/10 N and 3/10 H and looking to gain some DPS so we don’t have to pug for heroic. It’s a casual raid environment and we just like to have fun and hang out. We run mythics, PVP, torghast, etc on off nights.

If you would like to chat more, my discord is Ginger #4097

Hi there! Our guild Land Raiders is currently looking for strong dps (preferably with off spec knowledge) for a casual raiding environment. A little about ourselves, we’re currently 10/10 N 1/10 H and do plenty of M+, and the goal is to touch on some early mythics and get AOTC each raid. Our raid times are 6-9 EST Tues/Thurs (although we are doing optional timewalking raids Sat @ the same times for new recruits and alts). We’ve been around since BC, but our current raid roster is relatively fresh as of shadowlands. Several of us are ex-mythic raiders who are just looking to take it a bit easier now.

If this sounds like it might be a good fit to you, I just added you on Discord so that maybe we can chat some more.

Check us out!

are you guys open to raiding weekend afternoons at all? My guild raids 2-5 PM Sat/Sun and it has a few openings for rDps. we’re 7/10H

Yo Cheats. Nice to make your acquaintance. We have spots in our main team for Aff and Ele. We normally end raiding around 10:45 but if things work out we could try and work something out. Check out our post and I will add you on disc. Either way, I hope you find an awesome new home.

Hi there! So we finish an hour later than 10PM your time but I thought I’d tell you a little about us if you guys would be interested. My guild is an AOTC focused guild with possible mythic if we find the right group of people. We’re currently 5-10H. We raid Fridays and Saturdays 8-11pm EST and are on H Mal’Ganis. We’re looking for range dps. We don’t mind if you stay on your server and just raids with us cross realm! My discord is arex#0920 if you’re interested. If not, I hope you find the right guild for you and your friend!

If you’re ever up for a faction change, hit us up! I’m always around in some shape or form - let me know!

Our Alliance guild on Emerald Dream 10/10H 2/10M is recruiting for CN, and they have AOTC and CE experience in Nya. Right now we are looking for a healer and ranged DPS to fill out our roster. Please see the link below for recruitment spam as well as always updated needs, and please let me know if you have any questions!


Discord- VeloursNoir#3455 Bnet- VeloursNoir#1259