211 Unholy DK 6/10 HCN LFG(HORDE)

Currently on Zuluhead but willing to transfer. Prefer older group that can take a joke. Looking for regular raid spot.

We got a spot for a DK. Core Roster spot for our AotC/CE crew.

Raid schedule is 9 PM PST to Midnight PST. Thursdays and Fridays. We M+ and PvP on off nights.

Add me on BNet @ B00t5#1776 to chat more.



Tues & Wed 8-12 EST


sorry just realized I didn’t put horde

Lets talk
Sara#4646 on discord

Hey Stank!!

Guild & Server: Predictive Gaming [H] Thrall

Who Are We?
Predictive Gaming is gearing up for Shadowlands, and currently looking for core raiders and people interested in rated battlegrounds! We are a mix of newer players and OG Vets. Predictive Gaming was first formed to be a place where people could come together and have an inclusive environment to game and meet friends. We strive to maintain that inclusive, laid-back vibe, but at the same time focused on our ultimate goal; winning and developing as players and people.

Raid Times: Tuesday / Friday 9 p.m. - 1 a.m. EST

Current Progression: 10/10N 9/10H 1/10M

Our Goals and Requirements
Our Goal is to push for CE on a relaxed raiding scheduling.

Needs: Any exceptional players!
High Needs: Holy Paladin , 1 Tank , ranged dps (pref lock)

Contact: Swagner#7414 on disc, Swaggoner IG or you can email us at PredictiveGaming@outlook.com

Yo! Sorry about that.

We’re a Horde guild on Illidan. I just posted on an Alliance character on my account.


Hello! And thanks for visiting Perfect Loot

We are looking to recruit more people to join our gaming community and mythic raiding environment, with a heavy focus on getting cutting edge every patch!

We are looking for DPS and Healers for our mythic raiding team in Shadowlands!
Also looking to grow our gaming community, so all casual and game lovers are welcome!

We are currently looking for the following classes for Shadowlands!
Destro/Affliction Warlock
Shadow Priest
DPS Warrior
Sub Rogue
Ret Pally
Unholy DK
MM Hunter

Raid days are Tues-Thursday, hours are 8:30PM-11:30PM Eastern time.

Contact Gentle @ Gentle#11834 or Bazhunter @ bazhunter#1268

Thank you!

Hey Stankybooty,

If you are looking for a new guild to kill some bosses and have fun, come talk to us in Fragment! Our current progression sits at 10/10H and 2/10M. We currently are in the stages of rebuilding, so if going into mythic and getting CE quickly is a goal for you we may not be the right fit.

All are always recruiting players with the right skill sets & headspace.

Current recruitment needs:
Hunter: Medium
Mage: Medium
Paladin: Ret: Low, Tank:Low, Holy: High
Warlock: Medium
Priest: Disc: Low, Holy: Low, Shadow: Medium
Druid: Tank: Low, Boomkin: High, Resto: Low, Feral: Medium
DH: Tank: Low, Dps: High
DK: Tank: Low, Dps: Medium
Shaman: Resto:High, Ele: Medium, Enhance: Medium
Monk: Tank:Low, Dps: Low, MW: Low
Rogue: Medium
Warrior: Tank: Low, Dps: High

Progression Raiding Schedule 8:00-12:00 EST (Inv starting at 7:30)
Tuesday(Prog) - Wednesday (Prog)- Thursday(Clean up/alts runs)

We take a few days off after Progression.
Decisions in this guild are always made with the goal of achieving the right atmosphere and pushing to get CE.

-If this sounds appealing to you please feel free to contact us.
-You can also fill out an application at: h ttps://apply.wowaudit.com/us/bleeding-hollow/fragment/main?preview
Discord: (Guildlead)Tracy#7543, (GM)Demonslayerl#4843
Bnet: Tray#1125, Tommy#1664


My name is Rachel from the guild Odÿssey on Zul’jin [H]. Our raid team is 1/10H and 10/10N CN. We raid Friday/Sunday 7-11pm EST and we are looking for DPS to fill our ranks as we push to AOTC! Odÿssey as a whole is a friendly community offering M+ and PVP events as well.

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you! :slight_smile:

Discord: Rachel Shadow Priest#3625; BNET: Rachel#12349

Hey Stank,

[H] Area-52 Guild 7/10 Heroic is currently recruiting players to push into Mythic content and for CE.

Our guild currently consists of older gamers (25-30+) and is looking to expand our gaming community with talented and skilled players who want to down the content without the drama, egos, or toxicity. Most of us have been raiding together for 4+ years.

We are currently 10/10 Heroic and 10/10 Normal in Nathria and will be pushing AOTC soon. This will begin our mythic raiding.

We currently raid from 10:30 PM EST - 1:30 AM EST

We are currently recruiting any of the following classes/specs:

-Arms DPS Warrior
-Mages (Fire / Arcane)
-Shadow Priests

Disclaimer - We do not have any tank or healing positions open at this time

If you are interested in raiding with us, or want more information please message Axial #1159.

Thank you for your time!

Thanks for the responses, this is the actual toon I use. I will be reaching out to some of you and to those I don’t its nothing personal, its mainly the times that don’t work for me, but I do wish you GL in your WOW futures.

Edit: Also I know it shows I’m guilded but I’m not yet, that was my old guild still popping up for some reason.

Hey there, we are a 7/10H guild that is on Bleeding Hollow (Horde) Looking to round out our roster to dive into Mythic content. We are a very laid back guild that loves to mess around in between pulls and on non progression bosses

Add me on Bnet and Discord for any other questions you have.

Graves#1351 on Bnet

Graves#5073 on Discord

Hey there Stank! I'm Moon, the recruitment officer for Swift[H][Mal'ganis].
We are currently 5/10H. A few members have 10/10H experience. We want to finish the rest of heroic and push our way towards CE and are in need of like-minded individuals who are laidback and patient with progression. We want to enjoy our time while raiding. (:

Raid Times are Tues/Wed-8-11pm Server(CST)

Looking for a multitude of classes/specs and would be happy to have you on the team. If you have any questions feel free to message me in-game (SparkledMoon#1939) or over on our forum recruitment post here.

Hi Stankybooty (your name made me giggle) !! I think you would be an excellent fit with us, for our late night group we are 9/10h with consistent p3 wipes on Sire and looking for a few more good dps to round our our roster going into mythic. I’ll leave our spam below, would love to talk to you in game about a raid spot. (9/10h now!! )
[H] Calamity 8/10H late night guild recruiting

Yo stanky. Think you might be a good fit here, we talk a lot of trash to each other in good spirits. Either way I hope you find a dope landing spot. Check out my post and if you’re interested hit me up on Discord: Cozybadguy#8607


Insert a guild name here raids at 10pm-2am cst Fri and sat because:
A. We’re adults with kids
B. We good off be get stuff done
C. 6/10h

Pm me if your interested Magicmuffins#1764

Prophet on Zul’Jin is a newly formed semi-competitive guild, led by experienced cutting edge players. Our goal for this guild is to achieve cutting edge within very few tiers. We are looking for dedicated raiders that share this same goal, As we are looking to create the most successful and stable raiding environment possible while still being able to have maximum fun!

We’re also interested in growing our Mythic + community, so if pushing IO is your thing, we’d like to have you around as well!

Raid Times:

Tuesday, Thursday 9-12 am EST with Saturday being our Heroic/Sale runs.

We fully expect all our raiders to be on and in the instance before 9 pm EST.

Current Progression:
Recruitment needs:



  • Resto Shaman

Melee DPS

  • Arms warrior
  • Unholy DK

Range DPS:

  • Mage
  • Warlock
  • Shadow Priest

Feel free to apply if your class is not listed here. We are always looking for incredible players.


* Keeping your character up to date (Mythic+, Weeklies, etc.)
* Open to constructive criticism and advice.
* Positive mindset
* 95% attendance
* Prepared(Flasks, Potions, etc.) 

Cauldron and feasts will be provided for Mythic progression

Contact Matics!
Matics#11150 On Bnet or Via Discord Matics#4228

8/10 looking for an unholy DK for core. Drop me a line if you’re interested.

**Bloodfang Coven** - [US] Tichondrius Horde

Who Are We?

Bloodfang Coven is a 10/10N, 8/10H Castle Nathria (4/12M Ny’alotha) casual raiding guild. We are active every day of the week (especially after 5PM PST) offering a wide variety of activities from raiding, mythic+, arenas, and more. We are a tight-knit group of gamers who are committed to raid progress, while remaining fairly casual players. Having fun while being committed to making progress is what we do best!

Who Are We Looking For?

We accept any player of any level, class or playstyle into our guild. Our goal is to build a community of cool and fun people to level and do end-game content with. Nearly anyone is permitted to join. For raiding, Core members are expected to attend regularly and on time, while Alternate members are not required to attend. Core members are always given priority with guild resources and raid group spots.

Raid Days: Tues/Weds 7PM-10PM PST


* Any players interested in M+
* Core Raiders:
  * Ranged DPS preferred
    * 2 Affliction Warlocks
    * Balance Druid (Resto offspec a plus)
  * Venthyr Arms Warrior
  * Unholy Death Knight

Why#6455 on Discord (Toborxlw in-game), Sandwich#1126 on Discord (Kegslain in-game)

Expectations for Core raiders:

* Be relaxed and fun but when we are ready to pull, focus up.
* Be knowledgeable of your class (know your rotation, do the simple things)
* Attendance! BE ON TIME PLEASE (if not PLEASE let the raid/RL know)
* Keeping a competitive edge throughout raid tier
* Good, respectable attitude and not toxic (we are here to have fun and push content!)