Stormreaver guild looking to merge!

Hello our friend guild Filthy Friends is looking to merge with a larger guild on Stormreaver. We have done 2/10 Heroic and 10/10 Normal while also pushing keys. Our main roster is a 211 Aff Warlock, 208 Arms Warrior, 206 Holy Paladin, 205 MM Hunter, 201 Vengeance DH, 204 WW Monk, 195 Balance Druid.

Hey Jak. If you all are willing to server change, we could potentially slot your whole squad into our raid team and finalize our heroic team and get after AOTC. Check out our post, my discord is at the bottom. Good luck finding a home!

Hello Jakcoughalot.

Ourr raid team could use a few players. 7/10 H let’s chat.

Add my bnet: Koliupy#1761
or my discord: Koliupy#4041

Hey Jak,

Keep me in mind if you cant find a good fit on your server.

Dusk to Dawn [Bleeding Hollow] 7/10H
-Raid times W/TH 530pm-730pm/Sat 7-10pm PT.

We can get your whole group into the core raid as we push for AOTC.
Let me know if you want to discuss further!
Bnet: Teamfdub#1382

Dirty Mike and the Boys(H) Malganis is looking for a few dps and healers. We raid Tuesday and Thursday 9-12 est. We slowly gained players and are 10/10 Normal and 2/10 Heroic. Laid back guild. Most players are 30+. We have an active group of players on non raid days for M+. If interested or have any questions please message me on Battlenet MtMan#1965 or Discord MtMan#2491

Im with Knightowls on stormreaver add me at Felix#1621 and lets chat