Please reconsider your stance on retail/classic reward linking

Experience though, not “stuff” :slight_smile:


The only and I mean only motivation I had to play classic was a chance or armors gained in classic having appearances unlocked on retail example T3 but w/o that being a thing I’m going to pass. because screw BMAH T3 and i’ve that that since bmah started

I have a feeling that blizzard will not slap CE owners in the face. Can’t wait to get my pets in classic!

Okay! See you never! Have fun or something in BFA!


It’s a slap in the face!

This is something interesting but nothing decided or concrete on it.

I would try to seperate in your mind retail and classic. Something you buy on retail shouldn’t give you something in Classic, or vice versa. The philosophy is pretty rock solid that they are separate gameplay wise. If you obtained the original CE pets you used those/can still use those in the live game you obtained it for.

It is an interesting thought though, that to some that did have it, that was a part of their classic experience. It’s likely we won’t implement something that ties into the existing things you own on the live game, but maybe reoffer them since Classic is it’s own thing. Before the fury of that statement sinks in, I’m not saying that will happen at all (there literally hasn’t even been a discussion of it), just sharing my thoughts on a solution to that problem that I could see.

This also could be an exception where we somehow grant them for original CE owners. No idea. Interesting thing to think about though. I’ll mention it though that you guys are asking about the original CE pets for original CE owners.


How can you slap?!


They were acquired in retail. Your characters in retail acquired and obtained those CE pets.


While we are on the topic of hypotheticals, could you also see the possibility of releasing a “classic collectors edition?” Even if it’s exclusively digital and only offered the pets (no other rewards for buying it) in classic, I would pay for it.


Thank you for your insight on this. Here are my thoughts:

Classic is a different game, but it’s tied to my account. My account has those pets flagged.

Now, let’s say there’s a Classic CE. EVERYONE will get it, diminishing what makes those pets special.

If you don’t allow the CE owners to at least get them, therefore NOBODY gets them, that kills my enthusiasm for my “authentic experience”. Those pets were special to me.

So those are your choices: everyone gets a new Classic CE, making the pets common which is a terrible idea, support the original CE owners, or take the pets away from everyone, which doesn’t make Classic “authentic”.

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This is the EXACT reason why there shouldn’t be a Classic CE. Everyone will get it.


Big assumption there.

I hate to say it, but I probably wouldn’t, not without more confidence that Blizzard won’t warp Classic in some way that makes me not actually want to play it.

(This is assuming that it would be, as with the original, available for a limited time only. If anyone can spend real money and get the pet at any time, yes, that would be just plain awful.)

It’s not an assumption. Have you seen the eBay prices on vanilla CEs?

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No, only people who think it’s worth the price will pay it. That’s not everyone.

Those that bought the original CE have their exclusive pets on retail. I’m not asking for the pets on retail, but I want the opportunity to have them on classic.

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I had a few characters in Vanilla WoW. They were part of my experience. Can I get them restored when Classic launches? Or maybe just, like a few of the epics I luckily got my hands on?

Ok, obviously not a legit comparison, but I would prefer if the philosophy is simply separating the games entirely. Players who had those CE pets in Vanilla still have them. They can show them off any time they want. It seems a strange, arbitrary thing to say this one element that an individual had in Vanilla transfers over to Classic.


Here’s another solution: new CE pets for Classic, vanilla CE owners get to use their pets.


If Blizzard offered a Classic CE that only granted pets to Classic and NOT retail, then that should not affect the value of those pets in retail as those pets you have in retail are still rare in retail.

IMO, there are some people who are desperately grasping at straws in an effort to get at least something linked between the two games that they can later use as a precedent for further links between the two games. “The CE pets were obtained in retail, yet we have them in Classic. Why do I not have my retail mounts in Classic, especially since those pets are part of the “account wide” collection system just as my retail mounts are? Why is that item I looted not added to my account wide transmog collection, when my CE pets which I obtained in retail and which are part of that account wide collection were linked between retail and classic?”

I can only speak for myself, but I would prefer that Blizzard not allow the original CE pets to link between classic and retail. I would rather see them offer a Classic CE (even if it is just a digital CE and/or has different pets than the vanilla CE), or just not have CE pets in Classic.


I was about to post that very same suggestion.
Then it would not diminish those with the original CE pets.


Screw digital I want it to come with a box so I can have it on my shelf.

I have always gotten the physical CE’s myself, so I understand. I recognize, though, that there seems to be an industry push to doing things digitally and not physically.