Please reconsider your stance on retail/classic reward linking

Very happy to hear Blizzard is remaining firm on this subject. Classic and BfA+ should remain separate beyond a shared subscription and bnet chat.

Nothing about Classic should carry over to BfA and nothing about BfA should be applied to Classic. Rare items should stay rare, otherwise it devalues everything in the game. For example, why should people have bothered with challenge modes or the mage tower if they could just wait for WoW: Classic Pandaria (or Warlords or Legion or whatever) and have all the time in the world to obtain them.

Oof. Literally one of two reasons I’d ever consider doing Classic just shot down instantly. You know that thing that’s used to keep people playing? You guys are just throwing it away. Seems very silly.

The other would be to see old raids since I didn’t start raiding til BC, but even then the majority of raid bosses were “dispel this” or “GTFO of this”.

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Sorry you feel this way but if that’s what you were hoping for then it sounds like Classic isn’t really for you. That’s okay though. I still encourage you to try it though!

It’s not throwing it away, its giving the community that wants Classic the most authentic experience we can provide. Adding any sort of reward carry over in either direction isn’t authentic and defeats the point.

Classic is there for those that will want to play it. Not just for rewards on their BfA license, which would be devaluing to those that earned those rewards that are no longer obtainable, and vice versa would be introducing things that were never there in Classic to begin with. Neither of which we want to do in this case. We know the community that has been asking for Classic for years doesn’t want either of those scenarios, and neither do we.


Your date for the feat of strength for having Murky would disqualify you.

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“We” as in Blizzard developers? Or “We” as in the Activision-Blizzard accountants responsible for making financially viable decisions? I’m honest-to-god not being contentious here, but it seems so far the financial viability of Classic would hinge upon getting folks to play it, and having the reward structure go from Classic->current would support that financial viability.

Refer to my post above- I really would play Classic, for years, if there was a guaranteed way to get the Black Scarab mount as an end goal. I wouldn’t be able to play BfA for years, nor would I want to.

I speak for World of Warcraft. When I saw “we” I mean the WoW team.

I would imagine you could earn that in Classic. It would stay in Classic though given what we’ve stated already about it.


Ythisens, you are restoring my faith in Blizzard.


Posts like this are why I will fight anyone (politely and restricted to forum-appropriate verbal means) who says that communication hasn’t improved since Blizzcon.

You’re doing a great job, Ythisens, and we appreciate it.


Having to hit the gong during the event, or within a small number of hours after the event started was part of vanilla.

Those who hit the gong months, or even weeks after the event ended did not get the title or the mount during vanilla.

And where do CE pets/Murky fit in with this? You say “authentic experience”, well, there’s a vanilla CE box on my shelf in the next room.

People here that have the CE want the pets. People without the pets want to keep them from the people who own them. Seems to me like the people without the pets are being petty and jealous. “No changes”, they say. Well, no Murky, Mini Diablo, Zergling, or Panda pet in Classic, ever, is a change. Funny how the “no changes” people are now arguing for a change.

And since there hasn’t been any discussion internally about this, I wonder what’s going to happen to the pet NPCs. Do they disappear? No CE pets in Classic ever? Nothing to show that you have something from days gone by? Then give everyone who plays Classic the ability to have a CE pet and then the pets become common. That’s not very special anymore.

And to those saying this is a “slippery slope”, you’re blowing smoke. If people are asking for their titles (Master Sergeant here), they have to re-earn them. Those are earned, the pets are given. Very different.

My “authentic experience” was having people saying “ooh, where did the Mini Diablo come from?”.

It would be a shame for those four pets to not see the light of day in Classic.

It seems to me that he answered that question in his earlier post.


Starman…you have the pets. They’re not going anywhere. Stop speaking as if you’re losing them. You never had them in Classic, because Classic doesn’t exist yet.

If you followed your logic you could make a thousand arguments about why things people earned in Vanilla should be put into Classic. But that’s not going to happen. And saying anyone who doesn’t want those links established just want to keep people from owning them is beneath even you. It’s about sticking to a doctrine. Stop taking it so personally.


Fesz, every time you quote that, I’ll quote this:

So…you gonna do that all year?

“authentic experience”. Deal with it.

If you are so certain that what you chose to cherry pick means that Blizzard will set a precedent for further linking of the two games by allowing any pets (pets which are part of the collection system, BTW) to transfer from retail to classic , then why bother to ask Ysithiens for “clarification”?

Ythisens, if you’re still around please for the love of God ask the forum designers to give us back the ability to make an ignore list so I don’t have to keep reading these troll posts.


Not asking for clarification. Making a statement. They said they haven’t even talked about it yet so did you think I was going to get an answer today? lol

But CE pets also existed without the collection system, they don’t need it to be implemented, you can have one without the other.

Not asking for clarification? Making a statement? Really?

Allow me to quote you:

Dude, just stop. I’m sorry you didn’t get a CE in 2004. I did.