Got a raid ID in MC with all bosses up. Classic

Is this a bug? I joined a raid in guild to kill trash for the purposes of rep farming and now have a raid ID for MC that can’t be reset.No bosses are dead in the raid. Instance locks are usually formed on a boss being killed. Was something changed between last week and this week? We’ve done trash farming just fine before. Thanks for the input.


It is not, no. That’s simply how WoW worked before the glut of confirmation dialogs. I’d say it’s likelier that a bug landed where you were not affected last week.

If you’d like to have QA take a look and see if something’s up, you’ll want to post in the Classic Bug Report forums to put it on their radar. Classic General Discussion if you’d like to see something changed to be more user-friendly, like confirmation dialogs.

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Not really worried about prompts or user friendliness, but thanks I’ll post over there. The correct behavior is for it to not save you unless a boss has been killed. I’ll post over there.

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Sorry to inform you, but the correct behavior in Classic is to save you tk the raid ID the second you step foot inside the raid.

This is how it was back then. I do not remember when it was changed, but it is working as intended


It hasn’t done that up to this week, so you’re wrong.

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Pretty sure youre only suppose to be locked if you kill a boss, pull a boss, or eneter the raid with somone who is already raid locked. If you enter a fresh raid it shouldnt lock you without the above.


then people who accidentally step foot inside a raid would be screwed.


It is a bug, yes. In vanilla you could trash farm without being locked to an ID as long as you didnt do any bosses.


This week, we discovered a bug that came along with our holiday. The bug caused this misbehavior where players got locked to raid instances on entry.

We fixed the bug yesterday afternoon, and a few minutes ago, we reset raid locks for affected players.

Anyone who enters a raid instance should now experience the expected behavior with their Raid ID.

Thank you for your patience on this!


I stand completely corrected and apologize for remembering completely wrong.


No problem buddy. Happens to the best of us :slight_smile:
The yellow message “You are now saved to this instance.” is just burned into my mind, so I was fairly sure this is a bug.

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Thank you, Kalvax

Excellent work! Thank you for looking into this and fixing it.

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Literally never worked like that. Can you stop making assertions with no evidence on this sub.

Went to enter my scheduled Guild raid to Molten core today on character Halfblind - Grobbulus, wouldnt let me enter through window fell into lava , wouldnt let me enter the conventional way either , this character is fully attuned and has raided in the past few weeks with no issue. Appears I somehow have a Raid ID ( 6296895 ) although i havent entered MC this week, how does that work ? I spent two hours prepping for this today after waking up at 5am local time for this raid, very disappointed. Guild is on Rag now. no loot chance whatsoever for me this week now.
I noticed reports on EU forums of this being a bug last week for people (multi raid ID , which I noticed some say still isn’t resolved .)
Is this being worked on ?
Not overly impressed. i literally take the day off work to be able to raid.

The fact i cant even log a ticket for this further compounds my frustration, will anyone look at this ?
Will i know ?
Is this going to continue ?

With one week left now to raid pre phase 2 so as to have a chance at being competitive in ranked play, i am pissed off.

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I note not one of the “you entered the raid and got locked” posters has replied to me, given this is “Fixed”.
So my post with regards the raid ID I somehow had pre raid this week is either A: another bug remarkedly the same or B: it isnt fixed at all.

Nothing , no “we are too busy to look at this right now” , no “tough luck try again next week” just radio silence…

This is still happening.

It happened to me last night in Ony. I was saved to a raid id, while being inside with my guild, ony was up. After we left (not killed) the raid id is gone.

We attempted a split raid of MC this week, first having 9/10 first night, second night the other team had a saved raid id with bosses dead due to memebrs from the previous night having been involved in an earlier ony kill.

Half our raiding members - we have 2 full raid teams - missed MC this week and have been thus far unable to create tickets and or get it fixed.

Edit: Just had a gamemaster confirm to one of the affected members there is nothing they can do and they will just have to wait until reset. 40 players missing out on a clear, guess if one of them was a popular streamer something would be done. Heck, they might even have had 2 clears.

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I had this happen to me last night and I’m trying to get some help to get it resolved asap. I keep trying to submit a ticket, but I get ran in circles on the support website and am never able to open a ticket with support.