Saved to raid just from entering alone?

I invited another player and created a raid group. I zoned into MC to avoid being killed. I disbanded the raid and then waited for my hearth cd to be up. After hearthing out I still have a molten core raid ID. Does this mean I am saved and can’t raid this week? I pulled no mobs and this was first time I entered this lockout.

I’m very worried because our first real guild run starts tomorrow and I don’t know if I will be able to go all because of this. Everything I read has stated that you don’t get saved unless a boss is killed. I’ve failed ony pugs before and gone back the next day with no issues, but never noticed if I still had a raid ID before zoning into the new instance.

Sorry buddy. You are out of luck. They recently changed it to where you get saved upon entering the dungeon.

The reason is that the system they had in place of killing the first raid boss was actually a later expansion change. They wanted to make the game vanilla-like.

So they changed it about 3 weeks ago to now create you an ID upon entering and to lock you out for the week.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Assuming this is correct, if no one else in my raid has entered yet, can I be made the raid leader and everyone zone in under my ID?


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I can picture it from here:

OP: hey guys sorry i got locked to a random dude’s MC to hide and cower from a few mean hordes.

OP’s Guild: ok we’ll make you the raid leader until everybody is inside the raid, are you sure the bosses were not killed?

OP: Yes! Yes! I only entered to escape certain death, didn’t touch anything

Later… at raid time… the raid gathers up, start clearing trash, get to the hound packs.

Guildie #1: hum… where is the boss?
Guildie #2: what is this?
Guildie #3: lol…

OP has been removed from the guild.


Jerks used to Raid lock people to cleared raid back in the day… i remember it happening in Wrath too. I always make sure first person in and raid leader are not raidlocked.

While I did not raid during vanilla, I ran heaps of heroics and raided quite a bit during TBC. Yeah… lockouts happened as soon as you’d zone in.

Later on, they added in an approval/warning window that’d tell you what’s been killed in that instance, but that may have been during WotLK, for all I can recall.

It was definitely in tbc because people would make hyjal/bt/sunwell trash farm raids and you could reset the raid if you didn’t kill any bosses.

Suggest to open a ticket.

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