Saved in BWL without killing a boss / by zoning in?

Is it normal to get saved to BWL if you don’t kill anything and/or just zone in? Based on this blue post by Kaivax it seems like you should not be saved for just zoning in and not killing any of the bosses. When it happened in MC, a hotfix was applied. Same thing here maybe?

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I think it is intended because bwl has time limits to kill the first couple bosses. Once you enter you have an hour I think to kill the 1st boss. Then another hour to kill Vael. Then you can take your time all the way to Nef.

It’s not a time limit issue. The instance locks as soon a Razorgore wipe happens (he dies, you just don’t get credit for it).

It is unfortunate, but this is not a bug. (This is how BWL worked in vanilla)

If another person from that pug does it before you, you will walk into a cleared instance.