Give alliance Naga. Give Horde Hozen

You can have the arrakoa. I don’t give a crap. The Sethrak do not belong to the alliance, and that is a hill I’m willing to die on. I don’t really feel like listing the facts on how the devoted Sethrak are Horde aligned, though you should know that they were present for Talanji’s coronation, and helped saved Vulpera during the campaign. This isn’t a “but Nightborne” situation either, the questlines for the Alliance and the Horde are fundamentally different, and it’s canon that the Horde saved the Sethrak.

I understand you feel the Alliance got the short end of the stick, but I wishing that they get crappy races because of it is petty, and not the way we should be moving forward.


i guess… not sure it’d be a great fix though since the dryads ‘n’ stuff would need all new animations for class abilities, ‘n’ stuff.

that’s why i’d make it a druid travel-form. they would’nt need to make a ton of new animations, and folks would still be able to run-around as a quadruped.

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I do completely understand your feelings and in reality, the Sethrak will fall under the Horde umbrella if they ever are going to be released. The Alliance would need several races mashed up and getting exclusives ones to bring them on par with us. It’s this bad in my opinion.

Azshara wouldn’t be their leader. I’m fairly certain she will be defeated once and for all in the Void Lords expansion, leaving Lady S’theno as their likely leader since Vashj is in Maldraxxus. Given that only Azshara’s Highborne knew of her dealings with Sargeras and were complicit it could reasonably be assumed that with Azshara out of the way the naga could come into the Alliance with some carefully crafted writing (which of course we know will not happen since we haven’t gotten any carefully written narrative in years).

I have also seen suggestions to add Dryad as a Balance glyph (in addition to glyph of the stars)…which could be cool too. Dryads are my favorite race in the game, so i’d do anything to see them added, i’ll wait 2 expansions if that’s how long it takes to get their animations down lol

I also think their story has yet to be explored much. We got a taste of centaurs in desolace, and tbh, those quests were some of the coolest in the game - especially the faction war they had going on there.

I can only dream :pleading_face:

hmm… as a balance form… not a bad idea, though, i think it would make them a bit slow-feeling when we’d run around as’em. i mean, they’ve always been seen as quick and agile (heck, lunara in Hots is so fast she does’nt get a mount) so… i dunno, this is part of why i see travel form as more fitting.

eitherway, i’d just like to play as dryads/centaurs/centurions/nightfae-dryads… think it’d be fun. :slight_smile:

The other problem is they were taurens but worse x10000. They would have to be shrunk to stupid size to fit doorways, and the devs said there was no easy way to equip and show gear on them, specially footwear. And then there’s mounting…impossible lol.

Go home you drunk.

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I wanna play as 3 of those sand pygmy things from uldum standing on each others shoulders.


Poor naive Crug.

They’ll give Alliance “Alterac” Humans, “Stormgarde” Humans and give Horde Ogres, Naga, Hozen, Tuskarr.

Then a few of them will show up to defend them saying “But I like Alterac and Stromgarde humans so well done Blizzard” while thousands of posters asking for unique races gets ignored.

That’s what happened with Kultirans and Mechagnomes a.k.a copypasta Bulkier Humans and Character Customization.

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…this is frighteningly accurate.

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Follow anduin

We literally have Hozen Horde soldiers in BFA, they never stopped being part of the Horde.

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It’s more about the unfairness the Alliance players faces all the time. Leaper Gnomes and Gilgoblins are low level customization races which do not require much work, aren’t actually requested and will likely add nothing to the player base. They will always stay a minority race not played often.


Not true. The mechagnome love thread has been the longest standing AR celebration thread since BFA.

And the kelfin thread has had a lot of support for while now. Plus gnome fans were requesting more gnome content and relevancy even before bfa was funny out. And just because something isn’t as popular doesn’t mean its a bad idea. If blizzard catered to only the most popular races we’ve have had nothing but elves in the playable race roster.

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First time I’ve seen a hozen request. lol

And high elves were part of the BFA alliance armies, yet they aren’t part of alliance officially.

No more damn races.

Will just lead to more pointless mega threads about naga’s needing eye shadow or something equally inane

Nah, I’m good.

That is a fair point.

Right now we do feel mighty one note.

Okay, let’s meet somewhere in the middle: They have their fans but they are not a popular race. Isn’t it true that gnomes and goblins are one of the least played races in the game?