Give alliance Naga. Give Horde Hozen

Yes, I need more chaotic energy in this game. Hozen do that good.

I like old boy in MOP.

I don’t care about your undead freak face!

That…is love lol

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crug, i don’t wanna disagree with you, but… tyrande did’nt accept the nightborne into the alliance, the naga are basically nightborne that were’nt in a bubble (and addicted to magic), what makes you think she’d let the naga join-up with’em?

i think it’s more likely that the alliance would get like… the broken, since they’re technically part of it already.

Like the alliance cares about Night elf wishes at this point.

We got a truce with no concessions. Not even 1 red copper sent for reparations.

The Alliance is likely to be pushed the next few years because how much the Horde-team neglected them. The High Elves are the first right step in this direction but I disagree giving them red hair options.

The Saberon would require some work to be done on the Worgen model before it can be ported to the Horde. You don’t want to play an inferior character model because they did not care to fully implement it raw animalistic nature to begin with.

This is actually very mean to write. Both the fish and monkey races should have been candidates for Allied Races from the very start.

Always, Crug, always but one time: The Dark Iron Dwarves. The Kul Tiran are fine but should have been a human option and not their own race.

Can you please elaborate on this? As far as I can tell the Alliance lacks diversity, desirable races to play and good racials. Or asked differently: Why does nobody plays the Mechagnomes although they are the game changer?

Do you really want to replicate the Mechagnome scandal on the Horde-side?

i know that’s how alliance players feel, but lorewise, the horde still has nightborne because tyrande rejected them. i’d say they still care about how the nelves feel.

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I love that questline.


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i love how people suggest gnomes over and over like it’s a race people are gonna play, regardless of species.

how many metal diaper gnomes do you see in the world? lol

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New player hostile. PITA to get for them. For 9.0 scaling sucked here even as a 197 lol. Not exactly a fun place to clean out old content. Argus for legion AR’s in basic BFA gear was much friendlier in this regard.

Many AR’s you can get accidentally basically. I never really strived for Mag’Har or Z troll. I just had them one day really.

And, well, diaper gnome.

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The best would be to humble the Horde by giving them low class races so they realize how the Alliance has been disgraced by their own developers:

  • Bird creatures for the Alliance, Leaper Gnomes for the Horde
  • Sethrak for the Alliance, Gilgoblins for the Horde

The community really needs to understand how much damage has done to the Alliance on purpose by Ion’s team.


yeah i think you’re right. I think that’s probably why gnomes are so unpopular, we already have them…it probably would be a hit to add leper gnomes or something to horde :100:

and thank you for that suggestion! finally someone understands that Alliance need a “monster” race like Sethrak! They have an established leader, great models and voice lines…can be shamans…what more can the allies ask for? :nerd_face:

While I don’t mind Naga, wouldn’t a better pair be Jinyu and Hozen?

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just gonna say it, those don’t sound like low-class races. those sound like good ones to me.

also, arakkoa are more… neutral than leaning one-way or the other. i mean, they worked with both factions in WoD, and hated both factions in BC.

i’d say give alliance playable broken. they’re part of the faction, and they’ve got great lore. all they’d have to do is give’em like, a new dance and a fancy mount.

won’t argue against the sethrak though. SOMEONE has to teach the alliance about the loa!


i wanna say if they even consider adding naga, they need to add Cenarion/Dryads/Centaurs to the game too. (since they have unique body types not compatible with many mounts we see)

I have so many ideas on how to implement them!

It’s no rocket science. The Alliance has too many humanoid races, everything looks the same.

It’s more about the unfairness the Alliance players faces all the time. Leaper Gnomes and Gilgoblins are low level customization races which do not require much work, aren’t actually requested and will likely add nothing to the player base. They will always stay a minority race not played often.

100% agree. I would mash the Draenei and LFD together and use the slot to release an actual different Draenei race with custom skeleton and animations.


easy answer: druid travel form glyphs.

atleast, that’s how i’d set it up.

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The Naga didn’t really have a say so in the matter. They were saved from drowning and turned into naga when Azshara added saving them to N’Zoth’s bargain. Not all high elves had knowledge of what her Highborne knew she was doing in her dealings with Sargeras.

Not possible. Azshara doesn’t care about the alliance or horde. Hozen went back to simple lifestyle.


Alliance to me needs character. Naga have that.

Jinyu would jsut be more more blah to alliance. Okay…you aren’t saying blessed be the light of something like most of alliance does…but you are in the same vein to be close enough.

Naga would bring a more…dude, can we just mess something up because its what we do and even fun to do?

Each side needs that wild card race to spice it up as I see it. Aggressive naga and erratic moneys…nice WILD cards imo.

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You know how Worgen could assume their human aspect? I think if we had Cenarion/Centaur races assume their “elf” aspect they could be able to use mounts like normal humanoid races too. It’s def possible!