Ghostforms fly when you are dead

I dont get where you are going with your comments.

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Looks pretty real too me :dracthyr_lulmao:

But on a sidenote Paranorman is such an underrated gem love it :dracthyr_heart:

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Ah ok, so I know RL means real life, but this morning my head was saying RL = Raid Lead because too much caffeine. :dracthyr_hehe_animated:


…even THAT makes no sense. Pour a double cup. :joy:


Haha ok! :dracthyr_nod:

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They can in a lot of zones.


If you think smurfs and wookies are a legitimate request, and not a troll, that is yet another success on his part. Pay attention to who it is that necros posts, particularly the flame wars that spawn out of the “there is not enough LGBTQ representation” types. Yeah I’m sure that is completely honest, particularly when he replies to himself with alts to do it. Want to know why his profile is hidden? Because when it wasn’t it was blatantly obvious when looking at his post history and I pointed it out.

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This is trolling:

to antagonize (others) online by deliberately posting inflammatory or offensive comments or other disruptive content

Random weird races isn’t antagonizing, inflammatory or offensive, nor does it disrupt anything.

And if it’s doing that for you… I’d say…

So because he necros, because you think he wants to start fights, suddenly every silly “add this race” thread is now a troll? Pretty sure thread topics don’t work that way.

Most of these don’t really go anywhere. Some are eye rolling. Some are funny. And the only time they get out of line is when stuff like this derails them into a grumpy fest.

The only reason for anyone to hide a profile is to keep the “currently typing” avatar and bouncing dots from showing up. You can search for anything else you want to find.

Look, I get it. Some people annoy me, too. These threads often make me roll my eyes. But thrrads like this are just harmless dumb silliness. Not trolling. Best to just move on.

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Based and true.

You have it right there. If he is posting intentionally innane comments, asking intentionally provocative questions, and posting spam… well…

Here he is provoking people in another thread.

Go here and just search this thread for his name. It is very apparent how he strings people along asking the same questions. He likes to regularly bump it just for that reason.

Here he is using an alt to reply to himself.

Here is where he bumped a LGBT thread just to see if he could get people to fight.

Here is the post where I called him out before he hid his profiles. You can see a few more examples of his trolling I used then.

How did I find those posts and all those alts? Easy. The sheer quantity. Look for stupid inane and/or necroed posts, he is responsible for a lot of them. This isn’t a 1 off of someone said something silly that didn’t land or found an old conversation interesting. This is consistent behavior that surprised me when I saw it went back over a year. He is pretty good at staying under the radar, as he did with you. Now that you’re aware of it, you will see it more.

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I always thought ghosts floated. :thinking:

Maybe they’re Pilots :relaxed:

LOL a silly thread about races in the game is now disruptive? :rofl:

That’s some serious reaching.

Irrelevant to this thread. Which is what you claimed is trolling.

I’m glad you’re so diligent and we all know this stuff, but you really need to stop letting these people live rent free in your head.

What he does elsewhere doesn’t make a thread about ghost form while dead or silly races added to the game disruptive or trolling.

Take a step back. He’s got you all twisted up.

I’m going to stop responding now, because why give him the satisfaction of annoying you like this?

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Ghosts aren’t real. Checkmate!

If it was A silly thread that would be one thing. He has 4 or 5 I can think of off hand that he keeps active. Probably more if I bothered to look.

If it wasn’t a pattern, you would be right. It is however a pattern.

I’m responding to you not him, remember?

Are you honestly going to tell me you think this is the one time he was honest and serious?

The lack of moderation does. I question if the mods are stupid lazy or a personal friend. I see much more legitimate posts get moderated, but he has free reign.

Dunno why everyones hopping on op about the ghosts fly irl thing. I didnt take it at all to mean they think ghosts are real and meant the idea of ghosts typically has them flying. This seems like people being intentionally obtuse so they can dunk on something.

I mean, you’re not wrong. We watched the politics thread go one for how long before Weidmann finally linked a thrrad by Vrakthris, which alerted him and HE had to close it. That’s not even his job. lol

♫…Ying Yang, we’ve done it again, and put it on the map like … ♫ :point_down:

You realize that any troll who does what he does, only does what he does to get people to fight with him or others. Feeding a troll isn’t just responding to him, it’s doing what he wants. If you are so against his posts, ignore them or match his lunacy with your own. :crazy_face:

We get nowhere by fighting amongst ourselves.


True a troll will troll. Thallia had a perfectly reasonable and helpful response to a question asked in bad faith. That doesn’t need any explanation. Defending the troll for trolling I found somewhat off though and worth responding to. The average person I wouldn’t have gone to as much bother at this point. I was a little surprised Thallia was unaware of him. Now she is.

This is why I don’t respond to him unless I’m the first there, where I can slam on the breaks by calling out the trolling. I think I caught him once somewhere I forget when. Usually it has already gotten going so I flag for trolling and move on.