Werewolf Glyph for Gilnean Druids

Like others have said, the dark ranger customization skin exists. I do agree hunters should have a glyph or even a quest like the locks have for green felfire, so our abilities look shadowy/dark rangery.

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:airplane: :ok_man:

No, I think you were just very unclear.

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I’m not sure how much clearer I need to be.

They’re called Worgens, not Gilneans. I was just saying it’s silly, in the same way people say Forsaken instead of Undead. Now I feel like I’m going to have 20 people arguing that “No they ARE called Gilneans! Because they’re from Gilneas! Duh!”

I was just being silly. :sob:

Obviously. Are you trying to be obtuse and pointing out not all Gilneans are worgen and not all undead are forsaken, in spite of the playability so there is no need to specify that for playable options?

the werewolf glyph would be 20 feet tall and have 1 ft fangs

Not as a glyph.

All I did was bluntly tell OP that hunters already have several ways to pretend that they’re Dark Rangers. IMO, it’s for the better that Blizzard added all these options to hunters instead of spending time and resources implementing a whole new class that only apex Sylvanas fans really wanted.

so you want to be a werewolf

That would be really cool.

I want a black panther one for night elves.

what if you could be a were manatee in water form or a were goldfish

I don’t wanna be either. I mean, goldfish sounds kinda cute. Which one would you prefer if you had to pick?

I’m hoping one day they will have a hummingbird for flight form.

but imagine if they made a manatee u could chew on things

I can chew on things now in bear form :eggplant:

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OP didn’t know the customization was in game. They literally said that in their post.

All you did was rage at them for no reason.

I’m saying that no one calls Worgen “Gilneans”. They call them Worgen, because they’re called Worgen. If you play a Worgen Druid, or Warrior, or Rogue or whatever, it doesn’t say “Gilnean Warrior” it says “Worgen Warrior”.

cur pls :sob:

I like the cat and the bear from worgen. Of all the original races, the bear looks the best in my opinion. But I definitely agree that the worgen should be given wolf form rather than cat form. A questline would be cool for the worgen.
Accordingly, night elves, tauren, trolls, and worgen need their own travel form anyway. Trolls and Worgen a new modified owl.

image being a were dodo bird that would be wile

Claws of Shrivallah or whatever it was called (were-cat from WoD). Please and thank you. :heart:


If you mean to say that the cat form should look a bit more like a wolf than it currently does, I agree.

It is pretty interchangeable. Even the heritage armor appearance doesn’t say “worgen.”

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