Ghostforms fly when you are dead

Wait, what? Movies aren’t real?
So you are telling me that there isnʻt a giant radioactive lizard monster beating the crab out of Japan?
Aw, man… there goes my summer trip to Japan…

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I see your flying as a ghost and raise you rp walking as a ghost.

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are angels or demons? Is God or the devil real??

Ummmm. . .

Furthermore, we should also be able to possess NPC’s in ghost form

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why are people against flying as ghosts?

Someone once told me the devil is real, but not God, and that makes no freaking sense

Holy crap, that would be really fun. Kind of like Mind Control, but once the enemy dies, I just possess the other one and get him killed too. :grin: :ghost:

Oh and we should be able to interact with other players who are dead in some fun ways. I can’t think of any, but I’m not well paid for my thoughts. :wink:

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I would possess Therazane

And rule Deepholm in all my Rubenesque glory :raised_hands:


That’s putting it lightly. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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what if you coukld only possess pets


The phrase refers to horse riding, not ruling a kingdom.

Edit: Sorry, but that misuse always triggers me. It’s not personal.

what does that have to do with ghosts

Um. Is the Horseman’s mount a ghost? That would tie it in…

so when you are dead you want his mount?

Sadly all the ghost I know ride ground mounts

why do they do that

Can ya prove that?

Can I prove they are real? Nope.

Nuff said.

Vaeana had a ghost in her room and it appeared and she screamed and slammed into a wall so since then she tries to deny it