LGBT Characters?

You don’t even believe that.

The problem is you want them to pander because you are a :troll: , actual LGBT people don’t really care about the issue… they’ve stated so several times, a character being “LGBT” will NEVER and should NEVER trump the story, a character’s sexuality should NEVER be important… but you keep pushing it like it’s a must for reasons already stated. Less pandering, more quality stories and their sexuality should not be in the forefront nothing but a character detail.


Ahaha this just had to come from a Blood elf… isn’t the 2faction raiding LGQJKPZ enough for you? You can /hug and sing cumbaya there in retail all you want…


A Grand Bacon Lettuce & Tomato sandwich?

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You’ve got the letters out of order.

We have some in ardenweald and other zones but I agree it’s a good opportunity for blizz to get more in for inclusion.

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Sad the responses of some individuals on here…

like u can agree or disagree w/ what they said but u kinda just commented this to bump ur own thread. again, boring trolls are boring.

I don’t think this is my thread but ok???

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Not so sure, you necro a lot of their threads and alt-hop to do it and then play dumb. Either way, same brand.

How do you know that half the NPCs are not LGBT? Take the candles in Oribis for example, do they even have genders?

nope - I search for a thread that I want to comment on and instead of making a new one just use the old one. Why start a new one when there is a perfectly good one already?? ALso necrto would be years old how is 15 days necro???

There should be way more LGBT characters in the game, maybe we will see more in DF. :rainbow_flag: :rainbow_flag:

and how did I neccro this - it has been around for the last 2-5 months??? Pawcer you are slighkly rude

Why is this an issue? I mean oi the OP wants to know how many whatever relationships are in wow, can’t he do what everyone else does and google it.

Every toon you roll can be as LGBT as you want it to be. As for the NPCs, how do you know sexual orientation of the guy saying “Help adventurer, my goats have escaped and I’m afraid the wolves will eat them, will you go round them up?”

Why do you go back in and necro week old threads?!

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You’ve literally necroed this thread twice. This thread is about a month old! Knock it off.