Halflings for alliance

I like WOW (World of Warcraft) and LOTR (which stands for Lord of the Rings) - - I actually posted this idea as there is a NEW LOTR movie coming out soon, It is a prequel to the others on DVD now. I like the idea of hobbits and halflings even though you might despise the LOTR movies, books, etc. So it is a legit Idea to bring up halflings or hobbits.

This is a great example of the trolling.

Since the movies, pretty much everyone except your granny knows what LOTR stands for.

A fan would know it is a show not a movie.

A fan would know Amazon was not involved in making the movies and the 2 have no connection to each other, and in fact Amazon has to tread carefully not to violate intellectual properties.

Assumption made on my LOTR preferences, for no other reason than as troll bait.

By itself it might have been simply just an odd suggestion. Taken in the context of your consistent trolling, it is more of the same nonsense.

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We already have dwarves and gnomes.

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yes kid - I understand that you are a troll so you are going to harrass other people

You do know that if you disagree with someone’s ideas or really hate the ideas that much you can

  1. disagree with them like a normal Human or whatever you are in the game
  2. just do not even respond to the post. Instead of beihng obnoxious and opening your mouth and say things that are wrong and rude - you could keep it to yourself.

Just an idea to make you a better person than you are currently

watch out as Cur harasses people - he might thinks your comment is trolling as hobbits and halflings are not human sized if you ever watch LOTR

Like this?

or how about when you tried to help necro this thread?

or when you post totally inane responses like this

I’ll let these speak for themselves

and in case anyone wasn’t 100% sure, here you are using multiple alts going back years, easily findable because you keep bumping them.


Halflings are not different enough.
The alliance needs a great race or 3 to brings folks in to play. Halfling is surely not it.

this is all true. especially the last sentence

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Generally, its a bad idea, redundant. But, given that we have 2 races of nearly identical humans ( not counting the werewolf humans) another short race would not be out of place in WoW. Maybe make werewolf halflings?

We have 4 small races. We dont need a 5th.

I don’t think the issue is with size, I mean, do we have too many normal-size races?? The problem is uniqueness that is sufficient enough to justify needing a new race.

A blob is unique. No one would play it.

remember when you start to type an idea it pulls up any old ones. I figured that instead of starting from scratch bring back an older one. So you are saying it is better to start over and put up a brand new post???

Time to play the forums favorite game: are they a troll or are they actually just insane?

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which one might you be?

why would you want to make a race of Dora’ s LOL

what is that?

I support adding hobbits to the game.

Neither can monks