Four Realms Event List

Latest update: Since the list has gotten smaller, I’ve consolidated everything instead of dividing out by faction.

Hey folks! This is a list of all the scheduled RP events of which I’m aware for our server cluster.

Times are listed as SERVER TIME, which is currently US Mountain Time.

If you’re looking for spontaneous RP or just friendly chatter, be sure to join the in-game channels or the server Discord to connect to other role-players!

/HordeOOC - OOC channel for general talk
/Hearthstone - IC channel that acts similar to a walkie-talkie/ham radio.

/AllianceOOC - OOC channel for general talk
/HearthstoneIC - IC channel that acts similar to a walkie-talkie/ham radio. Please note that it is spelled differently from the Horde equivalent for reasons lost to time and tradition!

Discord Server:

Upcoming One Time Events

Go plan something!


Event Name: The Clinic
Host: Feathers of Iron
Location: Northrend Dalaran’s Infirmary
Time: Sometime between 7:30pm and 8pm, every other week (alternates with Bar Night)
Description: Bring your injured characters for healing

Event Name: Bar Night
Host: Lo-shing or one his co-horts!
Location: World’s End Tavern, Shattrath
Time: 7PM, every other week (alternates with Clinic)
Description: General RP


Event Name: Tavern Night
Host: Feathers of Iron
Location: Salty Sailor, Booty Bay
Time: 7:30PM
Description: Come eat, drink and be merry! Weekly dinner specials!


Event Name: Storytelling
Host: The Broken House (usually Eleya-SoE)
Location: Northrend Dalaran, Legerdemain Lounge
Time: 6PM
Description: Enjoy poetry, prose, songs and stories while sipping drinks.

Event Name: Tavern Night
Host: Ellis-SoE
Location: Golden Keg, Stormwind
Time: 7PM
Description: General open RP


Event Name: AAMS Lounge Night
Host: AAMS (usually Kezrin-CC)
Location: Dawn’s Blossom, Jade Forest
Time: 8PM
Description: Enjoy a cool beverage with the AAMS and a host of characters for a cross-faction evening of relaxation. First drink’s free!


Added in Conclavaganza :smiley:

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Removed Conclavaganza after an evening of fun ^.^

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Been hearing people possibly planning for fishing nights & other shenanigans. I will update when I get definitive information! Also added in channel info. ~Derscha


New promotion!

Anyone who says the code word “tippitytop” to an AAMSer at Lounge will be rewarded with a FREE confused look!

(While supplies last.)


Just as a quick update, but both Confession and Thursday Tavern Night Horde-side have not been running for some time. Just thought I’d give that as an update!

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Thanks. I removed them.

If they make a comeback, please let me know so we can add it back in!


New year, new wish for stickies to return.


The Ironforge A-side clinic is out of date. Run by the Feathers of Iron now, and generally opens between 6:30 and 7pm on Mondays. Mind, as of right now it is still every other week due to various RL stuff.


Added new event to Alliance list for Wednesday.

Event Name: Bardic Bar Hop
Host: Bards of the Lion
Location: Varies
Time: 6:30pm

A weekly (or biweekly) where the Bards will be hopping to different taverns and venues all over Azeroth to get people out of their like, 3 regular taverns. They will be playing games, holding tournaments, trade markets, and open stages depending on the venue. Horde are free to attend any of them! But in Alliance places, only the very sneaky and very bold Horde will find their way there… (though they may not be able to participate in games/events requiring trades unless arrangements are made in advance)

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A bit of clarification about the Feathers’ tavern:

While Feathers is de facto Alliance, Horde characters are more than welcome to come by! Booty Bay is a neutral town, and we keep translatin’ elixirs on hand, so if you get a hankerin’ for a home-cooked meal, mozey on down!


Need to add to the Weekly Horde Side events, every Thursday:

Event Name: Tavern Night
Host: Fenryth of Doomguard
Location: Wyvern’s Tail, Valley of Strength, Orgrimmar
Time: 7PM
Description of Event: Come hang with chill folks!



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I feel a bit sad removing the Summer Festival from the list now that it’s over, but here’s the link from WET if anyone wants to look at Yotingo’s recaps!


Just in case anyone needs elixirs, the goblin selling them is in New Dalaran in the sewers.

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Hey there! I just posted a topic on my alt Inien, just wanted to let folks know that Tavern Night will now be alternating with Lady Inien’s soirees in Eversong forest! Starting at the same time, located at Satheril’s Haven, just behind Fairbreeze Village. If we could get that added in for Horde Thursdays :pleading_face: :heart:

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New event starting Friday, July 31st at 6pm server:

And one tomorrow!

Hello, everyone! Could we get a weekly event added to the calendar Horde-side? It would be much appreciated! :heart:

Event Name: Introduction to Roleplaying
Hosts: Ondolemar of Doomguard; Surinda of the Chapel of Undying Light
Location: Orgimmar Embassy, Orgrimmar
Time: 5pm - 7pm (server)
Description of Event: An informal meet-and-greet for new and returning players. Make new friends and connections, ask questions, and learn about the CC-SoE roleplaying community!

P.S. - we also have a topic post, if you would like to link it!


I know I sound stupid, but the time is server time, right?