Four New Realms Opened Today, August 27


The following realms were opened in this region today, Tuesday, August 27:

Name Type Timezone
Azuresong Normal Pacific
Benediction PvP Eastern
Thunderfury PvP Pacific
Windseeker Normal Eastern

We recommend that players looking to avoid queues on Full realms move to one of these new realms for a smoother experience.

Thank you!

Honestly it might just be time to give up on Classic completely
New Realms Megathread
Any word from blizz?
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Have already started on the 5th character doing the “move”, abandoning my 3 name reserves, and 16 hours invested.

Moving again? Pass.

(Slayt) #4

Annnd they all now have queues of 10k.


PVP EST already full, tomorrow will be new queues and new servers… Whats the point man…


Smoother?!? Just open up transfers!


Sounds great. Allow free character transfers for my friends who have level 20+ characters on Incendius.


Don’t be an idiot blizzard! Open up server transfers


guilds arent going to switch if you dont give prior notice ffs. this is really amateur hour by blizz


Open maybe 10 new PVP eastern servers? I need to finalize our guilds landing zone ONE LAST TIME. These one off servers dont cut it (they fill up and queue immediately… WAY to many people waiting to play to only have 1 more server at a time)

(Solotov) #11

Just mass dump like 20-30 servers. Let people progress than downsize once people hit 40s-50s. When you see you have 10-15 servers low pop and weak. Allow those servers to merge with other low pop to create more medium pop. Rather than dropping 2-3 servers everyday

(Ralanbék) #12

They are full of people jumping in to get all the “cool names” so they can have a chance to sell them at a later date.


Are you going to give Free transfers? or do you expect us to start over EVERYTIME You guys suggest we move? I have moved once already now after playing last night and leveling, Well ARE YOU going to make free transfers happen?


this is annoying.

  1. cap server population
  2. open more realms


Fire some upper management plx.


:thinking: This really gets my noggin jogging.


seriously this


Yea guys, just delete all the work ya put in over the last 2 days or so and start the process all over again. Take a gamble to where those new servers wont be completely dead in a few weeks or become full just like every other server out right now because blizz lack of brain capacity when it comes to what their customers want

(Solotov) #19

Or can you put a character creation cap temporarily that cannot exceed the total number of players that can be on a server?


Been playing since 2006 and never have I seen such a cluster f+*^. I want to play the game not leave my laptop on just to over heat before I can even play. Shame on you guys. I want a free month for sub-par service.