Any word from blizz?

So here is the deal:

I started a guild, with many Real Life close friends, work friends, and friends of friends. About 20-25 of us so far.

We chose whitemane because blizzard really only gave us two choices if we wanted to play on a PvP server in our zone.

Then, launch day, half of us get in, half of us can’t get in, half of us are wiping to the queue boss.

Now, three days later, blizz has added a bunch of new servers which filled up almost instantly.

Half the guild wants to stay, half wants to go, and everything is falling the heck apart for people who want to play together!!

Can blizz at least TELL US WTF their plan is? Are they planning to EVER fix the queue times on the popular servers?

we got like 5 people at over level 25. Guild has rolled. We have recruits, like over 2 dozen. But people are getting MIGHTY TIRED of the 4+ hour quueue times.

so WTF is the deal? Are transfers ever gonna happen? Do they have ANY plans to fix this absolute collosal catastrophe?

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If you would read the stickies at the very top of the forum you would see they already increased the server cap. 0/10

wow really?

if you would pay attention to anything outside your own buibble, you would know that servers like Fairbanks, Faerlina, And whitemane still have queues 3000+ long even during dead times.

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Pretty much 2 choices. Reroll or sit in the que, dont play and cry on the forums

been sitting in queue for Whitemane for an hour now, and logged in at 11pm pst

Yes, really. If your guild is full of friends then you shouldn’t have an issue rerolling if it’s that big of a deal. Blizzard is taking steps to solve the issue, but they’re being cautious about it so they don’t make some ham-fisted move that everyone always criticizes them for. I do believe, good sir, that perhaps you should look outside of your own little “buibble”.

did you read the post at all? Its not just about me genius. its about an entire guild of 25 people. We are stuck in limbo because there is no word from blizzard on what they PLAN TO DO ABOUT THIS.

Do they have any plans to reduce the queues on the OG servers they created for classic? If not, then we WILL reroll. IF its going to get better then we don’t mind staying. If its not going to get better then we WILL reroll.

What we don’t like is this state of limbo we are left in.

Reading comprehension is a tough subject i know.

What do you expect blizz to do? magically make the servers bigger? nothings gonna happen people just need to suck it up and re roll. My group did and now we are playing the game having fun instead of queing

just checked the blizz launcher theirs a brief news statement about fixing it

How is asking for some information being stuck in my “bubble” as you so eloquently put.

I’m not asking them to change their plans… just tell us what the **** their plans are.

Wow these forums are just full of cancer

good question.

KEEP US INFORMED. tell us EXACTLY what they plan to do to fix it, if they plan to do anything. IF they don’t plan on doing anything then we WILL reroll.

Like holy crap, reading comprehension is hard these days i guesS? American Public schools not doing you guys any favours.

Would you rather suffer through a week of long queues until the game settles down and people start playing during their normal time vs all the time?

Or would you rather have 241 servers where most are dead like in retail?

Our guild explained to our members and those we recruited that we want to ensure that the guild was on a high pop healthy server long term vs re-rolling on a server full of tourists. We have not heard any complaints from anyone.

Today they increased the server cap, and queue times went way down.

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How come you didnt mention your wifes boyfriend?

Pretty sure they had words this morning when they said:

And they also had words when they said:

Blizzard words are usually in blue at the top of the forums. Glad to of been helpful here.

You were the one that brought up being stuck in a bubble. They’re posting updates as stickies at the top of the forum. Not sure how else you want them to convey the information.