Feldrake twitch drop

I qualified for, and claimed, this drop almost 2 days ago, but it hasn’t shown up yet. Dragon kite took about 24 hours, ichabod was about 8 hours, but it’s been around 42 hours for feldrake and it still hasn’t shown up yet.

Is there an ETA on when we should expect it? I’m worried that it won’t show, as I’ve had that with hearthstone pack drops back when I used to play.


I’d just keep an eye out, if the others came through, this should as well.

There have been reports that these can be delayed.


I have yet to receive mine either. Did a support ticket, and got some automated reply, that “resolved” the ticket…

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nice to see a blue responding to these drop issues. at least blizzard is aware there is something going on here

Because a GM can’t assist with these. They simply have no way to reward the drop, now that might change if the Devs give them to tools to do that, but so far it looks like this is simply a delay issue.


Same boat here. Qualified and claimed two days ago but no reward. Tried closing client, restarting battlenet, reviewing the twitch page with clear cookies, even waving the dog in a dance to the loot gods. No dice.

And since Twitch cannot be dropped and re-added without a seven day cooldown, trying again isn’t an option. Starting to get a weee bit concerned.

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As long as you are reattaching to the same account, it does not incur the 7 day period.


The wait will only happen if you are using a new account. You should be able to drop and re-add using the same accounts. In fact I believe that is one of the suggested work arounds to see if it make the reward show up.


Still don’t have mine. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting my account too. Still nothing.

My husband never got his dragon kite pet in-game either, but got the feldrake mount. So I’m pretty sure I’m never getting this mount either.

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I keep seeing people say they got the kite but not the mount or they got the mount but not the kite. I wonder if there’s something going on on the back end for the drops

It’s been 2 weeks since I claimed Kite - same story as everyone here. I’m grateful for any response, but tickets aren’t resolving this.

Here’s the proof of the claim and connections:

14 days and still no kite, but got the Feldrake mount within minutes of claiming. Same issue for either drop for everyone I suspect.

Can you pass this to someone who can resolve the issue/update accounts? We all know you are slammed with holidays + expansion + all of the things – but this would be amazing. Thank you!


ya see you dont have the kite but you got the mount. so theres something going on here


same boat here. My kite took about 16 hrs to show up but my feldrake no dice. I do not want to remove and readd my account as I think it would make things mess up worse. What I am scared of is that the drop will end and some of us just wont get our stuff. Would like to think since I got the kite and my hearthstone packs that all should be well… I hope. I have wanted this mount for over 10 years ;(

I got both, so it’s not a one or the other, if you are thinking that.

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ok good to know its possible to get both

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I have also not gotten the mount. Blizzard should not offer things if they are not willing to fix them when they don’t work correctly. I am not trying to sound snarky but it seems like something they aren’t interested in resolving. Many people really wanted this mount.


Or perhaps Twitch should get their act together and resubmit the accounts that qualify to Blizzard.


Same. I watched the streams to get the dragon kite pet and the feldrake mount. I didn’t really care about the pet and it arrived immediately, I watched the stream for the feldrake and its been two days and still nothing. I’ve tried contacting customer support and they just said “it may take up to 72 hours to arrive” and then closed my ticket. and from the sound of some of these posts It looks increasingly like I’m just not going to get the mount at this rate.

Still no Drake.

Same issue with me. Automated customer support response. No actual resolution. Hopefully we can get these as all my friends and family members who play have received theirs. I’m the only one who is encountering this issue.