Feedback: Warband Conversion -- June 18

Come help us test the Warband feature on your favorite characters! We want to test how character info on multiple characters merge when it becomes account wide.

This is how the testing will work:

  • June 12 – The PTR realms for The War Within Pre-Expansion update (11.0.1) will become available to copy characters only. We will ask that you copy as many characters as you like to the PTR, especially multiple characters that you have played a lot will be particularly helpful for this test.
  • June 18 – We will run the conversion and open the servers for logging in.

Please be patient. The Warband conversion may take some time:

  • Your account may take several minutes to gather and convert all characters on first log in.
  • Not-yet-implemented: There will be a dialog letting you know your characters are being added to a Warband.

When we open the servers for log-in on June 18, please reply to this thread and let us know your feedback, along with the answers to the following questions:

  • For any achievements that are newly account wide, did they combine correctly across your characters?
  • Did your Dragonflight reputation progress combine correctly (furthest progress on any character)?
  • Do you have flight paths from all your merged characters?

You know your character and accounts best, let us know of any problems you see! We will run future tests as needed. Please note that any characters copied after the test will not be accumulated into your Warband until a future date.

Known Issues

  • Copied characters will be missing Dragonflight reputations, any flight points, and certain existing achievement progress.
  • Item Sort and Cleanup does not work as expected in all cases.
  • Dragonflight reputations will disappear in the reputation tab when logging out.
  • Appearance acquisitions are sometimes listed twice in chat.
  • Deposit All Warbound Items deposits more than Warbound items.
  • Deposit All Warband Items pulls items from Character bank.
  • Some reagents cannot be used from the Warbands bank.
  • Items cannot be swapped in the account-wide bank.
  • Players cannot purchase account-wide bank tabs with money stored in the account-wide bank.

The War Within Pre-Expansion PTR is now available to begin the Warband Conversion test. The servers will open up for logging in to test the War Within Pre-expansion content on June 17.

I’m keen to participate and can see how this will really help get Warbands up and running smoothly. I’m located in Australia and it’s 18:30 PDT on the 12th. My loader is still only showing PTR (TWW 11.0). Hopefully it will update to 11.0.1 later today. Thanks!

All 13 characters copied and read to go :saluting_face:

Quick reminder that the Warbank costs are out of this world too high though, I don’t want to derail from testing but it would be nice to see those toned down to reasonable levels during testing, and better gold sink be identified than a bank tab .

Love ya all, see you on the 17th!


I copied 11 characters. For the four favorites, I noticed that they sometimes sit down or kneel when de-selected, but sometimes not. It’s not clear to me if that’s intended to be random, or if something else is going on.
Also with my Shaman on the favorites screen, her fire totem looks really big.
Lastly, I really love the background artwork with the forest scene and the waterfall. But for those with different tastes, will there be other scenes to choose from?


I copied several of my most played toons including some old ones who have been shelved for a long time, and one remix toon.

Warband campfire thing is awesome, Love it, and have notes.

There should be 5 places around the warband campfire.

I like that you can hide the list, but… you can’t log in without the list

You can initiate a log in by double clicking the nameplate on the list, but not by double clicking the toon itself, even tho mouseover on the toon gives a similar highlight as mouseover on the nameplate, This feels inconsistent.

The sit/kneel/stand thing they do makes no sense, I’m sure what it’s doing now is not how it’s supposed to work.


My client says 11.0 still instead of 11.0.1. I guess i just wait for it to update?
EDIT: nvm i just had to manually select one of the first 4 servers

I logged onto ptr 11.0 and it gave me the logon screen for beta with my existing characters. I then had to select the test realm tab and it gave me the options of 4 realms. Copied 7 70s over. Hope that is correct.

This is not a bug. This is Working As Intended.

If i have to go through and manually move items from my character bank to the Warbank just cause someone at Blizzard thought it would be a Good Idea™ to remove this functionality, i will be a Very Unhappy Panda.

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Oops. I just got directly into a PTR screen and copied characters last night. Didn’t see server tab so maybe I went to the wrong thing.

Is the copy over a one day thing? Otherwise I can doublecheck and recopy things.

Does anyone know?

I copied some chars over just 30 minutes ago. It seems, they are stilll open for copying :slight_smile:

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1st feedback: I copied 25 chars from 3 (EU)-Realms to the PTR. Some of the girls have the same name (I like the names, tbh :wink: ). Now the 2nd same-name-char in the list appears as “name1234”, which is quite logical since they all are on the same realm now. BUT: Will this be the same with live warbands or can I have more than one char with the same name, since they stay “physically” on the original realm?

May be Linxy can shed some light? Thank you!! :slight_smile:

I just copied multiple characters from different servers but one thing I just noticed that I don’t remember seeing happen on beta is my top favorite won’t stay the one I picked for top. It keeps changing to one that isn’t in the top four.

Yes the animations are janky. I have a Mag’har that never liked to sit at all, but when I moved another character into my warband he started to sit when I clicked off of him. Sometimes I’ll select a character that’s standing up and he’ll then make the “stand up” animation as if he had been sitting down.

I think they said it’s a possibility but wasn’t confirmed.

On an unrelated note, turning on any form of multisample antialiasing crashes the game.

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Are we supposed to be testing more than just the character select screen? Because I’ve tried 2 different realms last night and this morning and can’t get past the load screen after copying my characters over… Cool screen I guess, though I wish I could see more than 4 of my toons around the campfire.

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