Excluding the Slime Cat from LFR is not Okay

And just because people have been attacking me in GD, as well as attacking others asking for them to fix their mistake:

Please note I have already done fated Nathria in normal this week. I will 99% likely do fated sanctum and sepulcher the next 2 weeks.

As we have said from the start, this has absolutely nothing to do with it being a normal reward and everything to do with how it was advertised, intentionally or not. And yes, an unachievable achievement that is visible on live servers for 3 months is advertising.

Even after I get the Slime Cat, I will continue to keep this thread, etc. up due to the principle of the matter. This has always been the case. Always. I have always done Normal with my guild the first few weeks, and in Nathria’s case, I even delved into heroic on my warlock with them, and almost got AotC but bowed out due to the Demonology bugs on that fight.

An example I use a lot is: (assume for the point of this that aotc achievements are always visible even before earning it)

Assume they do another patch like the one on BFA where the raid launches a bit after the patch.

Now assume you see the AotC achievement is available by clearing heroic. You see this for months.

5 days before the raid goes live, a very short blue post informs you that aotc will no longer be in heroic but it’s mythic only. Then a day before the raid launches they silently hotfix the achievement text and say nothing more.

Can you honestly tell me heroic raiders would not be mad? Would you sit there telling them to just “pug mythic”? No, I doubt you would. So why do you think it’s okay to do things like that to lfr players?


Perhaps the purpose of excluding LFR from the list of activities providing this mount as a reward was done to encourage players to participate beyond LFR and venture into Normal. Season 4 was meant to be experimental afterall and this could well be part of it. I’m confident they’ll ensure to include colour variables in the future for those who venture no further than LFR as opposed to simply not allowing them to gain the mount for their collection. Very nice feedback and good on you, I reckon LFR only players would be happiest knowing they could always gain a mount still even if it is slightly different.


Except again, the issue is not the fact it’s in normal. We wouldn’t be complaining if that was all it was.

The issue is the achievement was visible for 3 months on live stating it was a reward for LFR.

All this accomplished was lower the participation in LFR. There’s people in a discord I’m in atm with a 5 hour active queue for LFR without a pop. I imagine most LFR players quit over this, or will. because it shows blizzard doesn’t care about our feelings or us as players.

Just hope y’all realize the last time LFR participation dropped, the wow team was given an ultimatum to get people back in LFR or they can’t make raids anymore.


Ah right, apologies matey! I did my best to try to and brighten up your horizon :smiley: and I think it’s fruitless to be anything but optimistic that we might have an impact on their decision making process! Keep posting you’ve always got a very strong opinion and you’ll make a difference I reckon if you stay optimistic and reasonable :slight_smile:


Last season I ran a TON of LFR, I ran it weekly on a dozen toons for a stretch even. This season there is no reason for me to run it at all. Ill run each raid once on one toon to get one token to get one transmog off of a vendor that I want and then Im done until Dragonflight.

I thought the mount was cool, and I would have liked to get it, but as a solo player im not going to join a normal raid group to do it because Im just not able to commit to regular raid times in my life and pugging them is more hassle than its worth. The guild I’m in is running it on normal, I have access to it if I wanted to do it easily (im an officer and been in the guild or associated with the people in it since vanilla) and that still doesnt change the fact that I just can’t make the regular time available for it and will still play 95% solo.


From my experience so far trying to get into a group for Normal Fated raids, I’ve so far been declined from every group I’ve applied to.

I’ve seen a lot of groups in the Group Finder either asking for the Ahead of the Curve Achievement for each respective raid or asking for a iLevel which is not feasible unless you do Normal or Mythic+ dungeons. I’ve seen a few groups already requesting iLevel 280+ for a Normal clear.

My main is iLevel 275, But I’ve had tremendous difficulty in getting into a group. Finally had to ask on the Perky Pugs Discord if there is any runs happening this weekend as I refuse to pony up the gold to get my slime cat mount for doing all (3) raids on Fated Normal. Luckily I got a group that will help me tomorrow morning!

I do wish that this mount was left alone and was obtainable thru Looking for Raid Fated difficulty. There is a lot of players that are going to miss out on this mount because of this change at the last minute.

Just my thoughts on this topic!


I have had the same issue, being declined for every group I apply to, I didn’t think people would have such a high ilvl requirement especially since people keep going on about how easy the fated raid is to clear.

Even the community things similar to friendship moose have a higher ilvl requirement than I expected, so I am trying to get better gear from mythic 0 but I don’t think doing that will give me enough of a ilvl boost.


As someone that has accessibility issues due to my disability, I didn’t even try to get into a Normal raid because I’m not going to stress myself out that much over a limited time mount, it’s not worth the hassle to me.

I can’t believe that it’s been this long without any open communication or acknowledgement from Blizzard about this. Didn’t they admit that they needed to be more forthcoming with their player base?

The lone response we had about this was a simple, “No” and How maybe there would or could be something comparable to the Moose Friendship Community that we experienced at the end of WoD for the Moose mount that dropped off of Heroic Archimonde.

There’s a problem with that as a solution. The run to get the Moose mount was a one time 15 to 20 minute run. In order to attain the Slime Cat mount, you’re talking 31 bosses or so if I’m not mistaken. That’s literally hours upon hours of run time compared to something that takes mere minutes, not a chance someone is able to offer something on a massive level to help that many people out in such a short period of time, it’s not happening.

What is so wrong with allowing people from LFR to acquire the mount? You even took the opportunity to give LFR a Fated Raid option, so this makes no sense to me.

The silence from Blizzard has been deafening on this and other recent issues. I don’t think it’s right and I absolutely and unequivocally think it’s a step in the wrong direction from them and eats away at some of the goodwill they have been re-building,

I don’t know what else to say that has already been stated numerous times over the last several weeks, I’m exhausted about talking about this topic, but I’m not going to stay silent when I think something needs to be addressed. This is part of why I wanted to become a part of the Community Council, to provide a voice that can be heard, even if they don’t always respond back, I will not be quiet on issues that I think need to be addressed and I will continue to do so even when I no longer have the orange colored text. That’s how much I care.


Blizzard, please read this topic from General Discussion, it puts it into words better than I can:

At this point it’s not the decision you made that’s losing you players, it’s the silence you have chosen on the matter.

You claim the CC was to help you communicate with players better and in general you’ve been good.

But when it comes to ANYTHING Season 4, you are not and it’s undoing the year of progress you’ve made.

If the Season 4 team has no interest in communicating, then someone in charge needs to put someone on that team that will.

Hell, we don’t even have a response to the fact the Great Vault is saying we’re getting season 3 ilvl from raids tomorrow. Even a “it’s just a tooltip error” or “it’s a bug we’ve actively been trying to fix.”

EDIT: This has now been SILENTLY hotfixed. :confused:


Just to note, even if I get the Slime Cat in Normal, I will not let this topic drop, at least not without a public acknowledgment of the mistake, and explanation why you decided to change it after 3 months. At the BARE MINIMUM, LFR players deserve that much. It’s just basic common decency at that point.

And the “LFR queues are too long” complaints are starting to pile up, if you haven’t noticed - it’s almost like we told you this would happen when you removed the incentive people had to run LFR and chased away the LFR players by bait-and-switching them.


What’s actually funny about this… I found the raid in lfr much harder then in normal. For example there was no single wipe in normal, the bosses where down so fast that some of the mechanics didn’t even come in.

In LFR i had somel wipes and bosses took ages, even if there were lots of people I thought doing incredible amount of dps for a LFR raid.


LFR is harder than Normal in almost all cases. Normal is 10-30 people who are coordinated. LFR is 25 strangers with no coordination.

I had some CC members tell me I’m not correct in that it’s harder but that just tells me they’ve never actively done LFR more than a couple times. Anyone who does LFR regularly and normal occasionally knows LFR is harder.

Multiple Cutting Edge raiders went on record in BFA that LFR N’Zoth was harder than Mythic N’Zoth and it all goes back to communication.

Not mechanics or damage wise. Simply player coordination wise.

Yet they continue to belittle and act like we want “handouts” for doing LFR.

If they want to treat LFR like “EZ Mode” to the point the gear isn’t even worth running for (m0 has either been the same or higher) then they missed the mark and need to significantly nerf every boss now and in the future.

The fact we can be in LFR for hours at a tiny chance at a piece of gear that 99% is only useful for transmog due to m0 gear isn’t okay.

Otherwise, stop treating LFR players like we are breezing through content and want free stuff. No. We put just as much work in as a good majority of raiders and wanting a reward for that especially one we were led to believe we’d get is not entitlement. It’s called wanting to be treated like a basic human being.


I am still struggling to find a group, due to every group I sign up to having high ilvl requirements. Despite people saying how easy Normal mode is, still no one willing to take me into their group (unless they don’t like rogues, which might be the case!)

With regards to LFR being harder than Normal, can’t comment on that exactly as I only have done LFR (which I have done a lot!). But it varies from group to group, some groups you breeze through and others you wipe constantly

I am going to keep trying to get a group, but at some point I will just cut my losses and give up on the Slime Cat mount


I find excluding the casual community of wow players to be completely disrespectful to your player base. As a Heroic/Mythic raider I don’t think it takes away from me that LFR players would get a slime cat mount. LFR is a lot harder than people think, and a lot of players in general avoid doing it due to the fact its hard to co ordinate a bunch of people who don’t want to be co ordinated.

There is no such thing I think of a handout, when we all pay the same amount of money to play the game. Sure if you had tied the mount in the beginning to Normal/heroic/mythic there may not have been such an uproar although in my opinion still unfair to the casual players. But you didn’t you built hopes that players could get this mount while just being able to casually queue and still do and complete the same raid as others and then jerked it away from them.

The culture around treating casuals like sub par players needs to stop. There are a lot of casuals who were hardcore players in the beginning of wow through many expansions that just had life chance, (for example, relationships, children) and now still pay their sub to enjoy the game they love but also have obligations that stop them raiding or playing at the level they used to, or put the time in they once had.

I hope going forward blizzard recognise these players and also allow them to enjoy the spoils of raiding in some form, regardless of the difficulty.


For me, it’s not the excluding. If the achievement had launched 3 months ago stating Normal or Higher, I’d be fine. I’d probably have made a post to please include an LFR reward in future test seasons like this, but I’d have been fine, as would I imagine most people.

Like, they could have easily added a pet or cosmetic armor for LFR. But they actively chose not to, likely because the achievement was also for LFR, and a last minute decision made it Normal+.

For me, it’s about the fact they aren’t honoring what they led us to believe for 3 months. That’s quite literally bait and switching.

I do agree with the rest of your post wholeheartedly though, and to be frank, I’m disgusted at how many CC members talked down to LFR/outdoor players and then double downed when I explained how it was talking down to LFR players. And that’s just the CC, there’s been many more in GD.

If someone tells you that you’re insulting them and talking down to them, you don’t say “No I’m not” and re-apply your point. You apologize and say you’ll try to phrase things better in the future. Otherwise you’re just a massive jerk.

Blizzard is enabling this toxic behavior and they need to stop.

LFR players and outdoor players put just as much effort into the game as other players. Just in different areas. And I stand by my belief that 80-90% of the afkers in LFR are not casual players, they’re players who think LFR is below them. (Note: I am in no way referring to every non-casual player, I’ve met many who do plenty of work in LFR and make it a much more enjoyable experience, and to those people, just know you are <3’d)


I still think they should’ve added it to LFR. For me it’s not even about the difficulty level, it’s about content being queueable. I don’t mean to bring up my disability, but that is the reason why I refuse to do organized content. In LFR, at least I don’t have to be anxious or nervous about someone calling me out for my DPS because I can’t keep up. I’ve never once had anyone whisper me, yell at me or boot me in LFR content.

World of Warcraft is a game I’ve been playing for 16 1/2 years. I’ve been on disability for about four years now, so time is not of the essence, so organized content has nothing to do with me not having enough time. The reason why I do not do organized content is because it’s stressful for me and I don’t have fun doing it. I can’t really imagine anyone that would volunteer to do something intentionally stressing and unenjoyable when it comes to a hobby of theirs.

The fact that they never responded to any of this and the fact that they decided to leave the mount out of LFR is absolute garbage and I’m not afraid to say that. This is the last time I talk about this, because I’m not used to whining this much over something so insignificant, but some of these topics as of late have just really frustrated me beyond belief, sometimes you need to vent, even excessively.


And just because people are still telling me I’m only saying this cause I won’t get it Normal+:

I have always expected to be able to get it in Normal with my guild - however, I am at heart an LFR player, and I do not feel it is right to bait and switch LFR players like this. We were led to believe for 3 months we could get it through LFR, and they should honor that. Period.

And to be frank, I’ll keep this topic alive, either in CC or GD, until the ability to earn the mount is over, because it needs to be rectified.


I got mine too but those groups man… i saw lots of 290+ yesterday… people just wanna blast trough. I don’t know how on earth someone with 260 gear (which is still enough for normalmode) and probably no curve should get into a grp without making one by himself. Which is further stress for some… Where is the fun in all of that?

And worst of all the silence continues… why can’t they atleast say we made a mistake in communication about the cat and how and where to obtain it.


At this point Blizzard, we understand you aren’t going to honor what you essentially advertised for 3 months.

But at the VERY least, you owe us an explanation.

Even if it’s as simple as “We are sorry. A developer accidentally labeled the achievement for any difficulty and it was not caught until last minute” (Though if this really is the case, a note that you will try to include rewards for LFR players in the future would be nice as well)

The silence on this matter is just making it worse at this point. This is one of the biggest drama situations in years and ignoring it is not helping.


The fact Ion said you are considering global raid releases for Normal/Heroic/Mythic but yet again left out LFR players.

Why do you timegate LFR 2 weeks per wing (seriously, you spoiled Dragonflight before LFR players were even able to kill the Jailer, and when we asked you to move up LFR jailer by a week to stop this, you didn’t) and seriously treat us like we are less than every other player? Its getting downright offensive at this point.

Stop treating LFR players like less than. It’s wrong on so many levels and helps other players justify their LFR players belittling, harassment, and overall toxic attitudes.

We have BY YOUR OWN ADMISSION a statement that you can’t keep creating raids if LFR didn’t exist because participation. Yet you treat the players that are doing LFR and allowing you to continue to make raids like garbage. It needs to stop.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask that you treat us like players that exist and deserve equal treatment.