Silence on Slime Cat

I don’t really care if the slime cat mount is added to LFR. It’s okay to have rewards exclusive to certain content. I do care about the WoW Development Team’s silence on this matter, though.

It’s fine to make mistakes. Everybody is allowed that. A mistake was made by putting an achievement into the live game that stated completing any difficulty of the fated raids would award the mount.

But when any of us makes a mistake that negatively impacts other people, the right thing to do is apologize. An even better thing to do is to do what we can to make it right. And the dev team has done neither in this case.

We all have our own thoughts about the “right way” to play this game we love, how development time should be spent, how rewards should be handled, and whether this situation even really matters. But for me, at least, it does.

I would encourage the dev team to acknowledge the mistake and apologize for its effects, even if the current requirements to earn the mount remain the same. Please show your players that you care not only about their experience, but also about doing the right thing.

I feel strongly enough about this that not only have I made my first (and probably last) forum post, but I have unsubscribed. I will happily come back to Azeroth should Blizzard take some accountability for this situation and the hard feelings it has caused among at least some of their player base.

In the meantime, I hope you all will have some fun in Azeroth on my behalf. Have a beautiful week!


As much as I would love them to do this, Blizzard generally has a history of having the ego of a rock-star and often never saying sorry for their mistakes.


Why would they apologize if they haven’t done anything wrong? The origina datamined achievement message said completed on any fated raid difficulty and originally LFR wasn’t going to have a fated version.

I wonder if people would have been this upset if Fated just never came out for LFR at all.


Well, if they apologize they would have to admit to fault.
And blizzard can’t do that. After all, they investigated themselves and found they had done nothing wrong; who, then, are any of us to criticize them?


What good would it do to say anything?

Let’s say they announce you can get it in LFR: People are going to QQ and say Blizz is caving.

Let’s say they announce they are sticking to normal+ only: People are going to continue to QQ.

Let’s say they stay silent: People are going to continue to QQ

Blizz saying anything will make no difference.


LFR isn’t even a mode, why can’t i go to one of the bfa raids and set it to LFR? LFR is just a stepping stone for people to get into raiding.


Because that’s the way they designed it.
Why can’t I open up my RDF queue and queue for M0, M0 isn’t even a mode :laughing:


A lot of people are making noise over a mount they would likely just collect and never use. Oh no, they have to put forth more effort than just auto-attack a boss in LFR, what ever will they do? If you honestly cared about getting it then you would do normal to get it. If you’re not willing to step over such a low bar then you clearly don’t actually want it that much to begin with.


Just make it mythic only then LFR players will realize it isn’t for them and the normal to heroic players will be the ones crying from getting a taste of their own medicine.


Le gasp :open_mouth:
It’s almost as if that’s what collectors do

The lowness of that bar is relative to the player in question. For M raiders that bar is very low, for 90 year old grandma’s with arthritis and near blindness that is an impossible bar.


They should just buy a boost like Blizz intends for them to do :rofl:


Legitimate collectors are willing to go a lot further than a single normal clear to collect things lol


Define legitimate collectors lol


people that are willing to do more than a single normal clear for something they need for their collection



Ah ok, so we have different definitions got it



Honestly, anybody subbed right now should get a slime cat in the mail.

Shadowlands is over.

Dragonflight isn’t even in beta yet.

Anybody playing right now is pretty generous or devoted. Plus, I don’t think you’d be wasting an opportunity to make a pretty penny… by giving players the slime cat. It looks disgusting.


They already gave a blue response on it.

They have not changed their stance so what should they say? “We still don’t plan to make it for LFR”? It’ll just reignite tensions.


Uhhh that doesn’t say what the OP is asking for.

That is “Can I do this thing?” and Blizz saying “nope”

OP is asking for a comment on the whole situation. We’re all aware you can’t get it in LFR.


They did do something wrong why would you defend them

You can it is a mode what are you talking about


So they want Blizzard to say they understand that people aren’t happy but still don’t plan to change it?

Again, I feel that just will anger people.

The only reason they should make an announcement is if they decide to make it obtainable in LFR.