Dragonflight collectors edition physical copy MISSING CD KEY

Soooo what do I do now? Just had the physical copy delivered and opened it to find no CD Key inside….

You’re going to have to contact Gear Store support, which (I believe) Blizzard GM’s have nothing to do with.

I would give a double check just to make sure. Check on the back cover and inside front cover of everything. Check all the paper inserts, front and back. Sometimes, it can be “hidden”, which would be by design so no funny business can happen.

Maybe someone who has also received it can pop in and give you an idea of where to look. I haven’t received mine yet, so I’m a little blind as to where it would be.


I’m of course following up with all avenues of customer support. This is the first time I’ve had a cd key missing. Considering there is only 4 items in the box with the removable liner, unless it’s inside the art book I’ve checked thoroughly. It looks like it’s supposed to be in the fold up envelope with the instructions on unlocking the in game content, yet it’s missing lol

Just to be clear, you are going through the link provided and contacting the Gear Store through their portal, right? Because that’s the only avenue.

When you say “all avenues”, it makes me think you’re opening tickets to a GM, which is not the correct way and simply bloats an already-bloated ticket queue.


On a side note, the pins are siiiicccck (awesome) might be my favorite collectible included as of yet


Nothing in game, managed to get ahold of the gear store via phone call took a minute to locate a proper method of contact, but given the sensitivity Of a missing cd key I need expedience over waiting as this is not exactly common etc.

Completely understand that. Especially being a CE, they can’t just exchange it for another on on the shelf.

Just out of curiosity, is there anything on this piece of paper? Unlocking in-game content would seem to be what you’re looking for.

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Sadly no, and on the paper backing on the box itself it shows the insert that is supposed to be included, the “Epic Edition” with a code box in the middle-ish

I mean I hope I’m the only one with the issue, but On the flip side I hope I’m not so it’s more believable 🫣

I would hope this is a very rare event (especially since mine should be coming soon), but it’s not impossible when mass-producing thousands of identical products. Just have to wait until the Gear Store gets back to you. I hope they prioritize your issue and get it taken care of quickly.

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Was only on hold maybe 3 minutes and the support rep took my concern, said they had to forward the request to another or upper level of support and would get back to me. So now to just wait.

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I’ve had plenty of good interactions overall, just a surprise. First issue out of 8 collectors editions. Besides that they no longer include a 25% off discount code for gear store purchases lol.

in my experience, systemic failure is extremely common, and becoming more so

Ehhhh while I can’t disagree, this scenario I imagine is not typically common for blizzard. If nothing else, a warning to others to maybe video record opening their own wouldn’t hurt as proof if necessary. I didn’t think I’d have an issue with a direct from blizzard order :unamused:

Nope. Mine is missing too ):

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As bad as it is, hopefully this means we get a quick resolution :joy:

This was exactly the proper step to take. Glad you were able to get through and get the concern passed up the chain.

Make sure you also contact the Gear Store like the OP did.

Posting here is also great. CS can’t do anything directly, but having knowledge of it is helpful for coordinating with the Gear Store an finding resolution - and communicating them hopefully.

Thankfully it is not release day yet so there is a bit of time.


Agreed, Posting here was mostly to increase awareness, and hopefully make things easier for others as well.

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Unfortunately the only one u need to make aware is the gear store there the only ones that will handle it.

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I just received my collectors edition, and in the envelope was the “Epic Edition” cd key. Is that a misprint? Should that say Collectors? Or is that for us to gift the epic edition to a friend? I am confused.