Dragon Riding Everywhere

It’s not relevant, or rather it’s not in any way that would negatively impact others by dint of some other race being able to reach things faster and assuming dragon riding isn’t expanded.

Currently Dracthyr leave their starting zone at 60 as I’m aware, and chromie time ends about a minute or so after you hit the cap for the previous expansion, so until the expansion afterward - and, again, assuming they don’t expand dragon riding - it wouldn’t be an issue in need of correction, and stands as no argument for present circumstance.

In seeking out pet battle encounters you’re arguably at a disadvantage because you’re moving so fast the game probably won’t be able to render the NPCs around you in time for you to notice, stop and touch down. Mog farming only brooks mention as it was among the arguments blizzard proffered, and its only use would be in reaching instance portals, thus providing no benefit above that of others players assuming dragon riding isn’t expanded to encompass the rest of the world.

Yes, there are things to enjoy in old content, but none of those things are made the lesser because someone else can get to them faster anymore than is a single hearthstone lesser because Vulpera have two.

And that’s why I think they should make it a toggle rather than a permanent upgrade from traditional flight. Players that don’t like it can keep the original, those that do get their dragon riding with all it entails, and Soar, being itself an un-upgradeable version of base dragon riding, requires neither a nerf nor a cooldown to manage perceived imbalance.

Yes. They nerfed it.

Yes, if none of this were public knowledge there would be no uproar. But it would also deprive blizzard of a lot of free advertising, and advertising comes at a cost.

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I’m sure continuing the conversation this way will convince them…

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I am actually in the "don’t care " camp :rofl:

Someone going twice as fast as you definitely has a negative impact in an mmorpg where time is a very valuable ressource. People hated druids in the maw for being able to use travel form.

That’s an asmongold argument xd And pretty easy to see the fail if you do battle pets. Most of the good battle pets content are trainers that have static positions. Not random battle pets.

The point is if it’s faster, there’s no point for it to be a toggle as there is an advantage to use it. Unless that advantage is more reasonable by nerfing it, so it’s more a choice.

I mean that part is open to change I feel, that’s way reasonable changes.

That they could get later in beta or when they feel the game is more fleshed out. If it wasn’t live, it’s not a real nerf.

It’s a nerf in alpha.

Learn the definition of nerf.


Yea but it’s not a live nerf. Hence my point.
I get people are unhappy about moreover when their favorite streamers are behind that kind of stuff.

If it does, I don’t feel it.
As for the Maw, I stand by what I said long ago; that it was a stupid, arbitrary restriction that didn’t make any sense when you consider that a motorcycle or helicopter can “refuse your call”, or a demon you have bound to your will - a number of which you are able to summon in the Maw - can also “refuse your call”. The whole thing was handled with all the nuanced finesse of a moonfall, and deservedly derided at large.

That means nothing.

I fail to see how that makes someone being faster an issue.
I also fail to see why they wouldn’t expand dragon riding in this case if Soar remains faster than regular flying even after the nerf if there is a problem that I’m not seeing.

And comes with mechanics you need to manage. You can’t set yourself to beeline straight ahead, tab out and return because you’ll lose altitude and momentum, neither of which you need to manage with a traditional mount.

There is an advantage to using it, see above.

It’s more reasonable as it stands, as far as I’m concerned, because one is asking you to keep track of mechanics and the other requires nothing of you but a direction and numlock.

So it’s a nerf.
But it’s not a nerf.


You see the problem is you answer with feelings. When I explain why it has a negative impact.

Turning in round. I’ve explained and they’ve explained why releasing dragon riding shouldn’t be a thing.

It’s really not hard. Yea one is more interactive, the other is less. And even by nerfing the speed that part keeps true, you still go faster.

They have this weird obsession that “if it ain’t live, it ain’t a nerf”, when the literal definition of the word does not include “the version of the videogame”, in any dictionary.

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I’ve removed 5 points from griffindor, I do hope your happy with your imaginary currency that is gone. Because that’s a big nerf. It’s the same for soar, you never had it so it never was real. It’s an iteration of a possible product.

I’ve only done light testing myself but I agree it does feel better.

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Reminds me of the pages of people arguing whether or not LFR counted as a raid difficulty, honestly.


I answer with my experience as someone who formerly - long formerly - couldn’t afford 310% or even 280% flight speed. Gold was ever my enemy in those days, but never other players unless they swooped down to attack me. Thus was just the nature of PvP servers, though, and War Mode presently, not flying.

You and they, the latter at least as far as I’m aware, have explained it in terms of yet, but nothing more concrete than just that. If they don’t want it to be a thing in the old world, then logically they should either limit Soar to function only in the Dragon Isles or alter it to function as traditional flight does - permit restrictions included - to appease the people whose joy is dictated by comparison.

If they don’t, then all they will have accomplished, I suspect, is gaining a permanent tumor of complainants here to rant about Dracthyr whenever flight is enabled in any later expansion, and a host of people that quit because new flight was thrown out like a baby with the bathwater.

Yes. That’s the point.

And it’s worse knowing every time I use it that it could have been faster, and the reason it isn’t is because there are people out there that think getting to places in old content faster than others is overpowered.


I’ve answered arguments with arguments. And feeling with feelings.
You might fail to see that.

A multiplayer game is competitive by nature, they’ve made in the past flying cheaper and more acessible because it feels bad, and is unfair, to be the one walking or being massively slower. Like soar would cause if they didn’t lower the speed.

What do you want more than terms? Doubling the speed is not reasonable for futur development if they want to make smaller zones. It’s an experimental feature, if they release it in the world people will expect them to keep it for futur content and it will be harder to justify why, like it was hard to justify removing flying for the whole wod.

There will always be people unhappy, that doesn’t change much to be fair. It never is really an argument.

Because it is. Give that to any class specifically and you’d get people not playing it be unhappy about it, because it’s not fair. There’s reasons why paladin and dk riding bonus is not 100% faster mount speed in old content.

That’s the point and thus it’s fine as long as it’s still a bit faster, and it still is.

Of course, of course, sure.


And I contest that because I didn’t feel that, then or now whenever I go to level a new character. Just as thus I know I won’t when Dracthyr are the only ones able to use dragon riding until the expansion’s official release.

I don’t want anything more than terms; concrete, sound and whose soul is in keeping with what I think to be a fun experience.

It is if they contrive some reason to disable flight in those zones, precedence of which already exists in the Timeless Isle and Isle of Thunder, and even for Soar itself as I’m aware toward the end of their starting zone’s quests after the big proto-drake is liberated.
They’ve also shown they’re full willing to ignore even contrivance and just outright bar it through pathfinder.

It would be no more difficult to justify removing it than it has been for them to justify pathfinder and all of its incarnations.

And beckoning more does not make it better. That was the point.

It isn’t.

Unless they availed it to all of them. In which case it would be just peachy.

In a vacuum, a world where we never knew it was faster than it is set to be.
But such a world no longer exists in this reality, so is not the case at hand.

when they DO admit they were wrong, its just to shut us up end of expansion after 18 months of complaints lmao.
and then, its ONLY to shut us up so we’ll sub up again and praise them for finally ‘listening’. lol.
and then they’ll prove they aint listening and dont actually think theyre wrong by doing something pretty much the same next expansion.

Its like that relationship where your partner keeps cheating, then when you bust them out they promise to never do it again.
And two weeks later…theyre doing it again.

I’m gonna end it there, you don’t seem able to respond to my points as I’m fighting against

beliefs and emotions.

Good day.


Imagine, you have portals and teleports to a lot of places these days, even toys that can make stupid things, like you’re out nowhere and you can kill a critter and BAM, you’re in the Dark Portal.
Again, a nerf that no one asked and blizzard just went out of their way to remove fun of the game, at this momment, Soar is worse than mount on Dragon Isles, figures the idea. No one is going to reroll for Drachtyr to use Soar to farm pets…

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Portals are locked to places and available to everyone in cities or with engineers and mages can even share their portals with also so many hearstones available. It’s no longer any real advantage.

While there are ways to make soar better for dragon isles, people are mostly asking to go twice the speed of others outside of it.

You’d be surprised, moreover when they start so high in level. There is no reason to not make an army of drac’thyr to farm old content.