Disabling XP Gains on 110+ Characters

Really Blizz? Your nerfing fun AGAIN. Doesnt surprise me. Just like the Pre-Patch for Legion. Lets nerf the power leveling and gear. What a crying shame.

** Re-editing the comment Blizz has discussed “better ways” to approach this issue. I’m glad to know there are other avenues to address this subject favorable to the community.


[Ion Robot] Beep Beep
Fun detected.
Unacceptable. Initializing sanitizing protocols.
Fun eliminated.


This so many times over.

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For those that don’t want to partake in BfA content (I can understand why) give them an option to uninstall the xpak and thus lock their toons at 110.


This is a seemingly needless and spiteful change that will hurt a lot of people. Blizzard needs to find another way to prevent this abuse without killing these twinking brackets.


We’ve been thinking about this plan more today and agree that there are probably better ways to approach this issue. We’re going to hold off on this for the time being while we discuss.


Yeah, wouldn’t want paid professional to actually have to work for living when something is “hard”. By your logic they should just remove shamans and feral since they can’t figure out how to make the classes work right?


good god. that’s sound very practical and much appreciated Blizz


I will be closing at least two of my accounts, immediately.

I don’t think Blizzard realizes how many 110 twinks there are and how popular it is. And, of course, how much time these players have invested in making their toons. it is enormous. I know there are probably other ways to solve this problem. So, they will probably lose more accounts.


Smart move. Think more on y’all stuff instead of knee jerk reactions.


Holy cow, we got heard! :flushed:


Hmm listening to the player base. Yay! It’s a start.


I’ll admit this doesn’t affect me in the slightest (I’m not stopping XP on any 110 characters and I’m not benefiting from this “trick”), but…

This just feels like all the bad decisions made the last year or two… Identifying problems that nobody knew existed and “fixing” them in a way that greatly will divide the playerbase - harming the fun of far more people than will be benefited by the change.

I agree this isn’t the best “cheat” to leave out there, but why not announce you’ll start giving suspensions to people you see exploiting this rather than ruining everyone else’s fun??? Just an idea.


Maybe you should discuss before you nerf? It is idiotic decisions like this that are making us think you are a bunch of clueless clowns, more clueless than those clowns in DC. At this point, it is appearing that you are capable of giving those world class clowns clown lessons.


Undeserved as I was siding with your original lament of

“It basically ruins being able to complete legion at level or participate in legion end game content for any toon you want to play through it. It might solve a problem, but it creates a big one for many of us who want to do that.”

I couldn’t care less where you are in the game to be honest, but you stated a concern that could be coded around to solve what you stated as an issue this change has created for you.

Lighten up, Francis. I’m not the bad guy.

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There’s ‘working hard’ and then there’s ‘working excessively for little gain’. This would fall into the latter category. The staff at Blizzard already work hard, you just want them to have an even heavier workload so that you can stay locked at level 110, which is not at all reasonable in my opinion.

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Well please give us an update ASAP because I think I speak for everyone when I say we don’t like being in limbo wondering if our hard work is going to get flushed down the toilet on a random Tuesday next month.


Looking at the thread I’d suggest thats a good idea. My sub loss wouldn’t be your only one.


Thank you.
I hope the responses herein show there is more to this situation, as you put forth in your OP, than meets the eye.

Please continue to keep us informed?


While I understand there is a concern with powerleveling, most of it is done via island expeditions which is only useful for those that have unlocked island expeditions. So people are powerleveling their alts. Not only that, but once a toon is powerleveled you are at a significant disadvantage with rep and gear. That is the trade off, faster leveling at a cost of having to now have a harder (or more expensive) experience gearing the alt.

Powerleveling does not hurt the community.