Daily Per-Character Dungeon Limit Update

Terrible move. Just one more piece of evidence that Blizzard truly does support botters and gold-farmer/sellers.

Thanks for making their jobs that much easier Blizzard!

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Thank you!

make it 1
just to piss everyone off

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Thank you!

god bless <3

The daily limit is lifted.

The hourly limit of 5 dungeons per hour has been a part of World of Warcraft for over 15 years and will continue to be in effect on both Classic Era and Burning Crusade Classic realms.


THANK YOU BLIZZARD! Best move you’ve made this entire year!!

This is a good thing, but you get no cookie.

The cap never should have existed. You are simply righting a wrong. You deserve credit, but not praise.


based kaivax

lets GOOOO

tfw you want to punish players instead of banning bots lmao. gigabrain


Be happy that they’re finally backpedaling on a stupid change that did nothing but negatively effect our gameplay? I’m not sure that I’d call the emotional response I have to this happiness. More like annoyance.

thank you blizzard

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Do you have any plans for mechanisms that will actually lower the number of bots?


bots won

If you could clarify this pre-patch matter as well, I’d be appreciative.

Oh piss off. Bots were unaffected by the instance cap. This was only a negative for legitimate players and nothing else.


Nope, they just open the flood gates to allow them to farm instances en masse without a daily limit.

Yeah, smart move everyone for supporting this change. You just made a negative long term impact on the game for a short term gain.

Players have been opposed to this change from the day it was implemented.

See here:

Bots had already won when this change was used as a cover for any actual attempt at a widespread ban on botters.


Lol, good one!