Clarity on Transfer Gold Cap

Blizzard posted HERE that the gold cap restriction on transfers of 2,000g was being increased to 5,000g. Most people understood this to mean immediately, as gold caps on transfers in TBC allowed players above level 51 to move 5,000g. See:

However, according to THIS, the 5,000g limit doesn’t kick in until lvl70.

So which of these is correct:

  1. Kaivax was unclear and meant only lvl70 characters get the improved transfer cap.
  2. Kaivax was specifically talking about lvl60 characters getting to transfer 5,000g, and the Support page is incorrect.
  3. Something else?

Clarity would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Any update on this? I have transfers I’d like to make but I need to know how many I have to prep for moving to get all my gold over.

2k or 5k?

I dont think there is one.

Some blizzcon quote but im sure someone else might have more direct source.

There’s definitely a cap, but with xfers down right now I can’t even test it out.

Cool thread!


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I made him mad in one of his threads so I guess this is petty revenge?

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It’s sad seeing twins fight like this.

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haha I just looked, imagine being so fragile that one comment sets you off

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No kidding. Kids these days confuse their personal distaste for various things as genuine cause célèbre and then have the nerve to act surprised when people aren’t nearly as passionate as them, let alone in opposition to them.

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