Daily Per-Character Dungeon Limit Update

OMG!! Thank you so much for lifting this change

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Thank you! 5 per hour is plenty limit enough if you’re quick enough.

And that’s coming from an overnight worker who won’t have consistent 4 people to spam with either. But just cause I can’t do it doesn’t mean someone else shouldn’t be able too.

they could just hire more people to actually moderate the game. That’d be a start.


WOW Who says they don’t listen?

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Nice! Does this change just the daily limit or also the hourly limit?

GG Blizzard

very cool yis very nice


thanks for an answer

Right. I have no problem with there not being a cap, I’m just curious what they plan to do to prevent botting this time around.

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THANKS BLIZZ :slight_smile:

For us noobs, does this mean the hourly limit of 5 instances per hour does not exist anymore?

Thank you for listening!

this is very good because every time i do 30 dungeons i cannot do more dungeons, and this will allow me to do more

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They listen, sometimes!

This limit still exists. So if you’re spamming ramps faster than 12 mins per run be warned :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am blasting Kool and the Gang right now! Much <3 Kaivax

Nice. Big fan of this.

god bless i thought blizzard was about to go full retard again…
now just release race change


Thank you. Very happy with this change.