Daily Per-Character Dungeon Limit Update

Adamantite ore is gonna be so cheap!

It’s almost as if you didn’t even ready the last sentence of of Kaivax’s post…

Instance limits never bothered bots.


All y’all shills posting on retail accounts. Doubt you even play Classic, let alone will play TBC Classic.


Garbage. There was 50+ rogues in BRD pick pocketing, bot groups in strat/scholo, hunter/mage bots in DME, and the open world littered with them right up to the server turning off this morning. Little improvement in any detection/banning the entirety of Classic. No fixes for environment/pathing exploits and no punishment for FREQUENT abusers.

This makes the game ultimately worse to make up for the arbitrary 2 week time limit you’ve given with prepatch so mages can continue to abuse environment and mob pathing in dungeons to power level characters for cash.

And now world first is going to be a gandalf farming lobster in a tucked away stay solo-instance. Don’t act like you didn’t get any reports and didn’t watch the dozens Taiwanese/chinese mages in Slave Pens all beta.

We told you.


Everything after that was ignored. Insults never work for getting people to pay attention to you.

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Bots were already doing that even in classic. Stop settling for punishments that do nothing to fix the problem but would affect legitimate players.

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I’ve been reporting them dont worry friend.

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Only way blizz will combat bots is by removing their incentive. Add the wow token.

Here it is again for the whiners in the back. Cool your jets. This will only be temporary.

I play both, but honestly I only did a handful of dungeons for classic. SL dungeons aren’t appealing so I plan to give TBC a run for the money. The PvP has to be better as well

But what about Kitty power shifting?

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Please don’t.


Retail is infested with bots. Sharding just hides it. The token did not magically stop botting.

Furthermore I really don’t get these terrible takes… like bots can easily get multiple characters up and running and circumvent the very thing yall are acting like was a fix. When in reality it was actual players being punished.

Good change.

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Thank you!

Except the 30 instance cap does nothing to stop botters. They either switch to a different realm after 6 hours or use more accounts.

Please hire actual GMs to take care of bots.

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Correct. We’re doing a 24-30 hour dungeon grind on TBC release. Obviously, this isn’t “the usual” for us. The last time I played 20+ hours straight was the Classic release. This cap would’ve ended out dungeonfest about 12-14 hours in, which sucks. Thanks for lifting the cap. Put it back in a week after release if you want to, but those first few days please NO CAP.

@wushinom and other feral druids… give it time. You are the most OP class in TBC so calm down and wait your turn :stuck_out_tongue:

leave me out of this. im happy for the change.


How will Blizzard address the 5 instance per hour cap when the instance servers inevitably crash during launch? Will that restriction be lifted as well?

Thank you.