We oppose the 30-per-day cap!

Dear Blizzard, we urge you to repeal the recently introduced cap of 30 unique instances per day, per realm in World of Warcraft Classic. If you do not take the time to consider just how malicious your negligence is in the implementation of this change, then we the players must combat it via action on all fronts by whatever means necessary.

Feral druids in Classic are reliant on the Manual Crowd Pummeler drop from Gnomeregan. This drop makes us competitive. With instances already capped at 5-per hour, feral druids already have to carefully plan Gnomeregan farms when their schedules allow. Some of us with the time to do so might spread these farms out over a week, locking out twice a day, spending 30 minutes across two lockouts to get some pummelers. Others might only have time on the weekends, spending under two hours farming the mace over 7 or 8 lockouts. What is the Feral Druid who farms Gnomeregan only once or twice a week to do, given the recently introduced cap of 30 unique instances?

Although I’m a Feral Druid, I’m not here to discuss just my spec. I could be diplomatic and demand that the drop-rate of the Manual Crowd Pummeler be 100%, in order to replicate the rate at which I collected pummelers before this change was implemented. But I will not do that. This goes for all of us. I speak too for the mages selling boosts or farming ZF/Mara, for the hunters farming Tribute runs, for the pre-bis casters looking for Jed over in Blackrock Spire, even for the DME jump runners who cannot find a better path to riches. That Feral who only farms Gnomer over two lockouts a day likely has alts too: Should they abandon leveling in SM? All of us will suffer here, in World of Warcraft Classic, with oppression at the hands Blizzard, with the economic exploitation of our wallets over the broken promises #NoChanges.

If you, Blizzard, do not repeal this change soon, I think you’ll have to agree that we’re going to be forced to unsubscribe.


Don’t say we, you don’t represent me or the majority.


Looks like no more boting for you mate!? :rofl:


I speak for the majority.


You speak for the bots


You don’t speak for me.


I oppose to the 30 instances cap as well.

Make it 5 Blizzard.

If people want a job they can go find one.


Druid Lives Matter.


No, the bots will just level more alts on different accounts. I speak for the players. Ban the bots. We report them.


I’m signing on to this. Repeal it now.


uhh no most of us hate this change


Lets see those stats


Most of who? Where are y’all getting this statistics from? I see plenty of people praising the change and plenty of people against it. There’s no obvious overwhelming opinion here.


Where are the people who support this change? All it’s going to do is get bots to buy more accounts and hurt the players who want to farm. It’s economic injustice. There are 4 of you who support this because you haven’t bothered to sit down and think about it.


hmmmmmmm maybe look at the main blue thread and figure out the ratio of praise to hate and come back to me and lmk what you find


Blizz has made the whole farming and dungeon exploiting community rise up! LMAO!


As many have pointed out in other posts, the 30 instance cap will not address the botting problem. The botters will simply create more accounts and continue to bot as usual.

Although I do not agree with some of the OPs reasoning, I support the removal of this cap as it is not addressing the problem. All this really looks like is a cash grab from Blizzard by forcing the creation of more accounts to circumvent this new limit.


Totally agree. Remove the cap.


If anyone has 2 characters that raid on back to back days that this is 2 MC lockouts, 2 Bwl lockouts, 2 Ony lockouts and 2 ZG lockouts, add to that the 2 DMT lockouts to get world buffs. That’s 10 instance ID’s they HAVE TO save in one 24 hour period.
So if nothing at all goes wrong with resetting instances if these accounts need to do dungeons they have less than 20 resets of instances available in TWO DAYS play time.


Feel free to read through a lot of the posts and replies in the forums. I’m not going to point out every person that’s for it just like I don’t expect you to point out every person against it. You can’t say that you speak for all players that “we’re against it”. I’m not against the changes so your premise already fails.

Feel free to count them for us. You’re the one claiming that the majority of players don’t want these changes. The burden of proof is on you, not me.