[CS Lounge] Ahh home, let me come home~ 🎶

I didn’t think of a title so I took a lyric from the first song that came on.

Carry on, pals.


I highly approve! Welcome to our new home for the month.


Sitting here at sons appointment. What better time to use my Google play credits to purchase Bohemian Rhapsody.

Can’t watch it tonight, unfortunately. New raid and all. But tomorrow. Oh buddy tomorrow it is on.

Should proba ly wait for my wife though.

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Huzzah! I think I’m going to keep quoting our rules here, just in case. Going forward, if the person creating the thread wants they can just quote it, otherwise I’ll try to post it soon after the thread is made.

Let’s cover the rules of the CS Lounge again, for those who may not be aware, as well as rules for starting the new thread.

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Spaghetti tonight. Forgot to get bread. >.<

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Things I did on my day off, yesterday:

  • Laundry! Three full loads of it.
  • Made myself some fishsticks. >_> With ketchup.
  • Grocery shopping! At… midnight.
  • Interviewed and accepted a guild applicant! They seem super nice.

I feel so productive…


I was STARVING to death. Hadn’t eaten since last night. So got one of the larger meals from Zaxby’s. 2 boneless wings, 1 chicken finger, a couple fried mushrooms and a couple fries. And i tapped out. a 3 year old could eat more.

Oh well, meal for tomorrow . I only eat once day any way.

/that stupid reply button was eluding me again…


I had a rough one. I’m out of spoons. I need to recharge for tomorrow. I have plans on having a bad day at work.


That meal sounds pretty incredible, honestly - but gosh, you should totally take that time to recharge and chill.

Thisss :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

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I usually do not do fast food. For a number of reasons. But I like places like Chik Fil A and especially Zaxby’s.

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Continuing the discussion from [CS Lounge] Oh, Greatfather Winter:

This is a wonderful quote and so freaking true.


I love how we can quote from another thread. One of the VERY few things I like about the new forums.


I like reply and unread posts in followed thread notifications myself, plus the infinite scrolling (except when trying to scroll up).

But, but … what about the custard?!


Oh, man, that scrolling up bit is a pain. I try to quickly scroll up to something, and wind up with it jumping way past where I was trying to go. I’ve given up on mouse scrolling and actually drag the little bar just so ~I~ have the control I want.


Waste of good custard. Fish is awful.

Hope your weather is better than what I’m going to get later today and tomorrow. Currently under a Heavy Snowfall Warning with 15-20cm of snow expected and as a result travel is not advised unless absolutely necessary.

Its getting to be that time of year. I’ll be in the pillow fort hugging my whaleshark plushie if anyone needs me.


lets see if im level 3 yet

/gasp i am