[CS Lounge] - Sword and Shield!


New PKMN games! I really need a Switch now…

(It’d been 30 minutes since the last one was closed, and no new one’s popped up, so here I am.)

Aaaaaand for reference:

(Mastadôn) #2

Ha. Was about to make one but don’t didn’t want to do so from muh phone. Thanks for the new lounge.

/set up pillow fort
/boiling water for Gnome stock

Did I miss anything?

Msbecky, we have a menu we have to follow. If our residents don’t want what we are making, they can order an alternate item, like a cheeseburger or chef salad etc.

Some are absolutely grwat for my ego. They love everything and can tell the love we put forth day in and day out. Others could eat a meal that would bring a tear to Gordon Ramsey eye and complain the entire time. All we can do is continue to put our all into everything we do and treat each and every resident as if they are one of our loved ones.

(Merdrah) #3

I noticed that they had to show that electric rat in the trailer. Oh no! People won’t think that it’s a Pokemon game if Pikachu isn’t there.


I approve of this title. Can’t wait! Though I still need to finish Let’s go, Pikachu. <3


Or, people actually like that Electric Mouse… careful salt water conducts.

(Merdrah) #6

I have a collection of Gnome skeletons for that.

(Eilethalua) #7

LOL, this new forum made me have to change how I bookmark this thread. (I don’t come to the forums and look for it. I use a bookmark to the CS Lounge thread, then explore from there.) The difference is that I want the latest posts to appear, but have no way of knowing what number that will be. So … I edit the link to look for post 5000, large enough the thread would close before any pre-set automated time to close. :grinning:

Speaking of which, I don’t see a new amount of time until this one closes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I haven’t set it up yet. :smiley:

(Eilethalua) #9

Haha, being a tricksy centaur. :horse::man:

I suddenly imagine no limit until one day it appears with a random time, instead of ticking down days.

(Mourningg) #10

Don’t give him ideas…


Yup. I like that Electric Mouse. Even planning on going to see the new movie. Although, that might have something to do with Ryan Reynolds…


This thread has the Aik seal of approval…


After today’s mid-term… I have to wonder? 6 degrees outside currently, we’ve had a record setting month of snow…

This is spring break?

Psst… there’s no such thing as global warming… /endsarcasm



Pick me!!!


How ya doing fly-boy? and when are you getting those flies back? (I’ve even managed to bring back my stellar portrait)



I’ve been doing well, good to see you, Aik. As for my avatar… a lot of work is currently going into fixing bugs and making some needed quality of life improvements to our new forums. We have a request in to get those back, but it might be a bit. :slight_smile:

(Amaelalin) #15

I have an NES Classic (as of very recently).

Mmm Dr Mario. I think I like this thing more than the SNES Classic.

(Thundertotem) #16

Might get a switch for the new Pokemon game, I generally stay away from consoles.

Well, tomorrow is a big day, getting some teeth pulled and fitted for dentures.

(Merdrah) #17

You like Dr. Mario eh

(Bluspacecow) #18

FYI to those who have their character profile on the armory bookmarked -

The web dev team have recently changed the URLs for them so you’ll need to click on your toons avatar on one of your posts -> View Profile and re-bookmark it.


Greetings friends, I hope you are all doing well. :3

(Mastadôn) #20

Finishing off The Masked Singer after I take the kiddo to school. Tonight off to see The play that goes horribly wrong…

Supposed to be really funny.