Corruption Effects Adjustments Incoming

It almost feels like the company is operating in bad faith. The exchange of our subscription dollars for a system that was woefully mis-tuned for play-ability. Some classes barely able to complete their new solo mini game. Now that’s fixed, they find the reward they may have gotten is now not a powerful as it once was. Very disappointing.


rank 3 still destroys ST lol

Looking at the meters in our raid right now, Rank 2 is about 5% of our mage’s damage (from the Carapace sword, so off 470 weapons).

That doesn’t seem like an outlier to me.


Yeah I just went to the PTR forums and looked at pages and pages of feedback.

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I won’t even get a chance to see how broken echoing void is for myself before it gets nerfed into oblivion. Feels bad man. :frowning:

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It’s doing 30ish% of my damage right now in raid. I’m basically doing Elemental Shaman damage.

Blizz tried letting some be crazy. They wanted to see some crazy numbers. It’s the last tier.

But everyone cried how bad and unfair it was so they are caving and nerfing it

Thats the thing. If you go to the PTR forums and type in corruption you could be there for the next week reading. They had tons of feedback on this. They chose to ignore it.

Now that we are neck deep in the mythic race they chose to work on this. After people invested everything into it. Then you get trolls come on here and try to blame the testers. Its such a crappy thing to do imo.


I feel like some of you in this thread haven’t been playing wow long. Anything that is “too good” always gets nerfed. ALWAYS.

They where crying months ago. what changed now?

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and then one day blizzard just threw 10 years of game systems in WoW off the desk and threw their hands in the air and said they had no ideas.

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Okay if this is what you guys plan to do, then will you be reverting the damage nerfs in PvP? It’s already barely worth using as it is, even with a good rank 3 piece. Feels pretty bad that the piece I was once excited to get has been dumpstered already.

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They nerfed it and announced it

and then they “adjusted” it

If you want to keep track of blue posts you can either visit mmo-champion daily where blue posts are usually on the front page or you can go to blue. mmo-champion. com/ where all the blue posts are archived.

Goodbye echoing void. Bad players will have to learn how to play without getting carried by it now because they won the lottery.

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So I should see an uptick in trade chat for carry sales, got it :slight_smile: Or actually I won’t because I have BadBoy installed :smiley:

yes i knew about that hotfix i thought there was another since than, but i guess that hotfix came after my raid so i didnt get to really test out the changes on a 5 min single target raid type boss till tonight.

they have done 4 hotfix nerfs already and todays will be the 5th so hard to keep up.

PTR is a small sample size. And a sizesble selection bias because PTR testing attracts select types of players.

Live game is different.

Thanks for nerfing one of the few good things about being a tank this patch. Guess it’s time to go back to dps. Enjoy the complaints when everyone who doesn’t run with their guild can’t find a decent tank.


Well if you’re tuning corruptions yet again you better well be lowering the corruption gained from the tuned corruptions so they stay within a proper dps per corruption value just to not bin the gear people have worked for.

Who am I kidding though, previous azerite tuning killed traits (Seismic Wave you are sorely missed). BFA is basically a dead expac at this stage, we’re just all playing the new raid until shadowlands saves us from this nonsense.

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i’m sure the restore item website about to get a workout. everyone about to scramble to get those items back that they disenchanted.