Corruption Effects Adjustments Incoming

On one hand, “I” personally appreciate the communication; however, this feels like the legendary system again. Not getting the more valued corruptions and nerfing the corruptions “I” have feels bad.

I would hope you would consider how the Legion felt with legendary items and players not getting them.

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Meanwhile infinity stars is on a rampage still.

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People who are on the ptr are often people who are not playing the game otherwise. Thus, they have time on their hands to put into this that more typical players would not.

They are not paid testers, and they have a limit to their responsibility when their feedback is routinely ignored.


Huh…I mean you guys coulda given it until next reset…seems like kinda of a jerk move for those who decorrupted less than ideal traits.


I have to agree.

Can’t blame testers for this IMO. :100:

Nice… now who’s working on the terrible server lag?

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Not saying this is the slightest, but a team is more apt to fix a bug report that comes in from 1000 people vs 5, that’s not rocket science.

Without naming names, there is one here who trolls PF threads. They haven’t played live in at least 3 expansions. They play PTR like it is the live game, they aren’t reporting bugs.

I didn’t say I absolved Blizzard of blame here, pretty clear in that first line, I do however blame tourists for just playing and not reporting anything as well. Call it a team effort.

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Blizz is using us as beta testers for 8.3
The real 8.3 will be out in another month or so.

You do not have any data to support your claim that this is what is happening.

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Yea, I know, which is why some companies have dedicated internal testers. Cause stuff like how infinite star or anything like that is just beyond obvious.

This crap was reported well over “1000” So tell me how did it get threw? You are just making crap up now. Blizzard just ignored the testers.

Cool neither do you, but I do have a right to put in my two sense. Is that ok with you? It’s seen here daily, you aren’t reading the threads where this pops up.

Instead of nerfing the good/fun ones, BUFF the bad ones up to par instead??? It’s the final tier, it’s SUPPOSED to get a little crazy with damage.


Is shadowlands launching in Nov? I think prepatch has to come in Oct because PVP season ends around that time.

THIS!!! 100% THIS! let us have some fun. not like BFA was all that great anyway.


Do you actually follow beta and ptr forums? There is much discussion that goes on there well beyond the scope of simple bugs that bug reports would be adequate for.

Cool show me those numbers officially. You not liking what I witnessed is your prerogative, as much as you loathe this post, I can still make it! Love it here!

I think they already did nerf infinite stars but didnt announce it.

First week i got it I was getting 10 stacks per boss quickly/easily.

now killing bosses without even getting 5 stacks of the debuff, tentacle has been significantly more dmg/dps for me now.

Ok whatever you say troll. If you spent any time in the PTR you know this crap has been reported to death.

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