Corruption Effect Hotfix Incoming

We’re working on a hotfix that will adjust the Infinite Stars Corruption Effect:

Corruption Effects

  • Infinite Stars damage at all Corruption levels has been reduced by 25%.

This hotfix should go live in the next few hours, and will appear in our next hotfixes update tomorrow.


First of many? Love the concept either way. Its been really fun seeing powerful items make this big of an impact, but obviously some are too strong haha

You’re joking right? 25% that’s it?


How did this get past the PTR to begin with? Also, why did you BUFF it just before patch release?


anything over 50% would be too much of a nerf, keep in mind this trait does take more corruption out of your budget so it should be worth more dps


I can’t even wear the gloves with it currently. Jumps my corruption up 75, which is a lot for one item this early in a patch I feel.

Buff shadow priest. You went overboard with the nerfs.


What about echoing void. Those 2 overshadows all other traits.

I keep wondering if they’re supposed to be this strong. The echoing Void belt is around 15% of my damage in a dungeon. That’s insane for a single item.

25% that’s it? Blizz could nerf this item by 60% and it would still be OP as hell. This is worse than titan forging/legion leggos. One item shouldn’t have that much of an impact on damage.

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25%??? It does 20-30k+ DPS for one trait! Literally! Now it will do 15-25k DPS, oh no. Still 10x more than other corruption traits, for only 2-3x the corruption. Current top Sivara log went up 39k from his previous top log on Sivara, because he luckily got this trait and it did 32k dps alone, dwarfing every spell in his rotation with 1 passive trait. Gaining 32k dps overnite from 1 drop. Game of skill folks.

25% won’t do anything to fix this massive imbalance. Whoever gets this trait (and echoing void) gets to be a log god, whoever doesn’t sorry charlie, 2nd class citizen. This is 10x worse than legendary RNG ever was, there was no legendary that gave you literally a 60% dps boost. And acquisition is 100% pure RNG. World first race will be a joke if you leave it like this, won by whichever top guild gets an unusually lucky amount of infinite stars traits. Mythic+ will become a “infinite stars/echoing void or no invite” fiesta.

The imbalance is pretty questionable for both Infinite Stars and Echoing Void. You have to wonder at least a little how it made out of the PTR in such an egregious state.

They both have higher corruption values, but still. I would prob nerf both of them just a little bit more and see buffs to many of the other corruptions to be more competitive with them.

I’m not sure how much all corrupted traits were tested on the PTR. I only got maybe one corrupted drop out of every two dozen items that dropped on PTR and never saw infinite stars. Either I had really bad RNG or they should have upped the chance to get corrupted traits on the PTR to facilitate testing.

For a vast majority of the PTR they removed the vendor that had the corruption gear. I definitely know players were interested in testing and providing feedback, but blizzard removed any reasonable way to do it.

Either way though, you shouldn’t need player feedback to address something that is literally 200-300% more powerful than it’s competition lol.

That’s nowhere near enough lol

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And so it begins…

And you guys thought that azerite trait balancing was bad, lmao


Just boggles my mind that one of the final PTR builds buffed Infinite Stars by a considerable amount across all tiers. None of the others were buffed near as much, and now 3 days into live release they realize it’s overpowered?

It’s like the PTR devs don’t talk to the live team devs. It’s almost like they don’t even work in the same building…

you guys complain its to strong then you gonna cry when they make it to weak just st.fu let it be


Just let it be half your dmg, no problem here keep moving on, this is your brain on corruption.

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