Corruption Effects Adjustments Incoming

That doesn’t surprise me. People blamed testers for warfronts. :frowning:

Yeah, Players like the ones beta testing mythic as we sit here talking about this. People who if you go to the forums now and type in “Corruption” Had the numbers to back up what they where saying in October. The same people who dropped over 200m in gold into this system because Blizzard acted as if this was how the system was going to work. Hell I know a few people who dropped real money into tokens to get some of this gear. All of this could have been avoided if Blizzard did their job months ago.

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I’m a ranged DPS, I feel like I’ve lost the lottery twice. Echoing Void is the only “good” corruption that I have and now it’s also getting nerfed. I agree that this is a good step forward, but this system is beyond broken due to it’s balance and RNG.


There is an item restore feature that logs like months of items. Use it. Only person to blame is yourself tbh. I almost always have it on the cooldown.

Can’t restore corruptions on items cleansed for use :rofl:

Your prot spec is probably next. Can’t have a tank doing dps ya know.

IS is awful on almost every boss this tier and is even worse in M+. It’s good on Xanesh, Wrathion, Shadhar, and Raden. That’s it. Unless you like your infinite stars only proccing on adds on all the bosses that actually matter like Illy’G and the last 2.

Infinite Stars also needs a considerable nerf.

Cool so when your done nerfing certain affixes into the ground how do I get back other corruption affixes I already cleansed because the armor was an ilvl upgrade and I had to much corruption. This is such a garbage system. Do not implement this trash in shadowlands.

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Until literally any other mob enters the fight and all the procs go to an add that dies in 5 seconds and you end the boss fight only hitting it 4 times with a star.

My infinite stars rank 3 does about 30% of the damage of rank 2 echoing void. Infinite stars does about 8% of my damage on a single target fight and about 1% on multi. It’s very bad for slow auto attacking classes.

Keep considering buffing other corruption traits , no reason 3/4 of them have low dps output with 1/4 of them having a major advantage on the other traits .

Its not like you can chose your trait or find a 100% drop source like azerite traits…

this feels like a beta with all these changes.

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Haha so true. Does it have a unique debuff stack (debuff disappears from initial target when it hits another) or does it just apply to both?
Can definitely see losing procs to adds being annoying, especially during this add heavy raid.

What is the point of corrupted gear if you keep nerfing it? I’m actually enjoying the risk/reward aspect of the currpted gear and like finding a balance of corruption to deal with for a really powerful effect.

A system like this will only be fun if the effects are powerful enough to entice us the walk on the edge. The power needs to be so much that we consider adding the 10 extra corruption and deal with the increasing consequences.

Nerfing these effects more and more will just make corrupted gear a boring chore. Everyone will just get an upgrade, see that it is corrupted, then go cleanse it. That turns what should be fun into a chore. You have the makings of a really fun system here, Blizz. Don’t just kill it on the vine.


It isn’t unique, but being at 7 stacks on a boss is way better than being 3 because you shot stars at the initiates on Vexiona.

Or the bloods on Illy, or the adds on Carapace, or the tendrils you aren’t killing for N’zoth, or the orbs or adds on Ra den lol.

Infinite Stars is more than fine. It takes a good amount of time for the stacks to ramp up, it’s single target only. It’s balanced appropriately for what it is now.

However, I’m really not sold that Twilight Devastation actually needs a nerf for dps. Maybe it does for tanks, but it’s a strong multi-target corruption while being one of the worst single target corruptions.

It has a high corruption amount attached to it and requires positional awareness to make the most of it due to how it fires off. It’s much more interactive in that regard than any of the other damage proc corruptions.


Infinite Stars rank 3 is dealing over 40% of the total damage for some classes.

It’s whatever. I would much rather have EV or TDev or whatever for a lot of the fights. EV is not even that bad on casters this tier because like every fight you are sitting in melee anyway.