Conquest and Valor Uncapped Until Season 2 Ends

Early in a season, it’s beneficial to pace gear acquisition by adding a maximum amount of Conquest and Valor that can be earned weekly to prevent having a dominant advantage by playing an excessive amount of hours in PvP and Mythic+. As the weeks go by and the cap increases, we reach a point where there’s no longer a dominant advantage in gear acquisition with grinding Conquest and Valor and it’s friendlier to simply remove the cap entirely for those who are catching up or gearing alts until the next season begins. We’ve reached that point and have removed the Conquest and Valor caps for the rest of Season 2. When the next season begins, all Conquest and Valor will be converted into gold and sent to the character’s mail.

Safe travels, friends!


Why the Yorik respawn time nerf?


Awesome change, but can yall just standardize Honor Gear at this point?

Even when it’s fully upgraded it’s still borderline useless in PvP. Can we at least standardize the PvP iLvl between its 7 ranks to 233, and yall can just keep the incremental iLvl rank upgrades for the PvE iLvl?

Having a casual PvP’r / newcomer get their full honor set and upgrade it through all 7 ranks only to still get 1-shotted is literally trolling.

Uncapping conquest cap is amazing for players that already have been PvP’ing since season launch, but probabaly makes it worse for newcomers now that all us geared players are gonna be conquest farming ranked to send BoA coquest boxes to our alts. At least give em their 233 lol.

Regardless, love this change.

Still gonna take a break from the game, but while I originally planned to not return until 9.2, now i’m actually considering returning during this season to play around with my mage since I can gear it with my already geared main.

The 1 shot hazing process on the road to conquest gear is demoralizing and i’m happy I can avoid it now with conquest BoA boxes, I feel bad for PvP newcomers though.


Alas, poor Yorik.

Thanks for this.

2 big points I’d like to express.

1 - is waiting this long to remove the cap really necessary? I get wanting to pace gear acquisition early for the first month or two… but this long? Really???

2 - this doesn’t really solve the issue of people being influenced to stock pile the currency. Having the ability to scrap an upgraded item to refund the valor or at least refund the “cap” amount of value spent would be useful to allow players to feel like they can upgrade items early without feeling punished and having to wait months and months down the line until the cap is removed - especially for expensive items like weapons. This still preserves the goal of “pacing” upgrades early while not influencing hoarding of a currency.

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But you’re still gonna leave that lovely grind to get conduits up to 252. Love the train of thought from the designers and developers who are “educating” themselves on how the players have evolved since this game was created.


What’s the point of getting conquest gear now when honor gear scales up to the same item level as conquest? Talk about a waste of time on my alts.

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Unranked conquest is the same ilvl as maxed honor gear and those players are still going to be at the exact same gear disadvantage as before- this solves nothing for the players who were affected by this system. Doesn’t matter if they have 10,000 conquest points if their gear is capped at 233

Just get rid of conquest tiers


The older I get the more I understand why certain things are as vague as they are. Why so many choose to remain silent instead of speaking out.

It. simply. isn’t. worth. it. anymore.

I agree with Tywin however with point number 2. I wish(ed) there was a way to refund the points you’ve spent. You don’t even have to give them back, but let me reacquire them to spend elsewhere.

Something tells me people would be even more mad about it though…

Thanks for the info. It means a lot to have communication.

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They need to admit to themselves this isn’t working.

The honor gear should just be bought at current prices and start at 5/7 or maybe even 7/7. I guess there are some people for whom the play loop is to stick to unrated BGs only? It still takes an eternity and they still just get rick-rolled by anyone who dabbles in any arena.


Iz me

I literally only play this game to do normal battlegrounds / epic BG’s, and occasional World PvP with the homies.

I’m not a rated player, only reason I even bothered pulling teeth to grind to 1800 this expansion was so I could stop getting 1 shotted by any negative IQ player that paid for a PvP boost.

Don’t undertand why they can’t wrap their head around the idea of players spamming battlegrounds all day cause they’re fun.

Same way people spam unranked league of legends games all day, they do it for fun.

Even ranked league really gives nothing but cosmetics, and it’s highly played.

WoW PvP combat is stupid fun and the battlegrounds are awesome. I especially love Ashran after it’s mini rework during Shadowlands, it was a literal gamechanger.

It’s not fun when your team gets gearchecked in PvP though, at some point it goes beyond a “skill issue” when your team is just outgunned. Nothing fun about losing a game at matchmaking.


Prob because what was going on was the definition of players exploiting game mechanics

This is why we can’t have nice things

How was it an exploitation?

They made rares in Korthia repeatable instead of eventually not giving anything.
Yorik, a rare, was already on a very short respawn timer.
They killed a rare that could now be benefitted from more than once a day.

It seems like it was a clear oversight. The design intention of buffing rare and relic drops was not to have people camp the same rift rare for hours on end and completely kill the immersion of the zone

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Can honor be uncapped as well? Perhaps in a quick hotfix? Might as well while the devs are still under the hood tweaking 9.1.5/looking at this stuff.

The 15k limit on honor points serves no purpose…

Or at least allow us to freely mail around excess/unused honor points to our alts, if they insist on keeping the cap.

“Making the game more alt-friendly” eh? Then don’t forget about unrated PvP gear (aka honor points) :slightly_smiling_face:


Elite players are leaving. They don’t know what to do about this, but [random bandaid fix] might help.

Removing the cap on honor would help alts to.


As much as I love doing BGs in any iteration of wow, there’s no way I will last long enough to gear up through the honor system before I burn out from being way underpowered. I guess I’ll just wait for SOM.

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  1. Why is it beneficial to control the pace of a player’s play?
  2. How “dominant” is this advantage actually and how does it negatively affect other players (it doesn’t).
  3. Define “excessive”

The first sentence is already a mess.