Confirmation on travel forms and mount equipment?

The stag button does not have a slot where you can place a piece of equipment - I tried shift + right click to see if anything opened both on action bar and in spell book. The only place to place mount equipment is the one slot in mount journal.

I don’t think they will apply it - it wouldn’t really make sense since we just auto-shift to swim form when we hit water. I think the same thing happens when someone is riding you, doesn’t it? Been a long time since I carried anyone in stag form.

Well, hopefully someone gets on the PTR at some point and can confirm if the form we have in our mount journal benefits. I mean, flying as an owl on the ground the first 7 months of an expansion and being able to just glide over water or not be dazed is still better than riding that bug.

It’s going to be for mounts only

I’m just guessing

Yes, but what about the druid form that is in the mounts tab lol

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Did they add Lunarwing to the mount journal? None of our forms have ever been in mount journal before. I never use that one so I’ll have to go get it to check.

Druid travel form (and things like it) do not benefit from the mount equipment. Only mounts summoned from that collection do.


Thank you! That saves me a trip :slight_smile:


Thanks, good to know! I do not mind this, but it’s good to at least have the info!

OH! And if you warmode as a druid, keep in mind you can be dismounted by all the other players out of your flight form, and you will not get the parachute, so if you do not want to splatter, make sure that you ride flying mounts in warmode.


but can’t you instantly go back into flight form? I’m played around on my druid and clicked off travel form and have been able to re-enable it while falling.

Yeah you can unless something is different when you’re flagged/in warmode… I just tested this out again and did a video capture

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It puts you in combat.

To elaborate: Druids cannot go back into flight form while in combat, so you gain a splat form.


ah ok…
/10 char

Trip for what? You get your free waterwalking mount equipment in the mail when you first log in.

Not if you’re in combat, you can’t.

And Night Elves can’t shadow meld while moving.

However, if you’re feral and have “Incarnation”, you can hit it and prowl while moving and in combat. This usually drops combat. Then you can switch to flight form again. So make sure you have more than 4.5 seconds of falling before splat.

A trip to check on something for OP related to travel form. He thought Lunarwing was in mount journal I think. I never use Lunarwing so I was going to check to see if it had been added since that’s the only way the equipment would work on it. Bornakk saved me from having to go get Lunarwing. I’m guessing you didn’t read our earlier posts :slight_smile:


Often skip a lot because of the infighting that happens in every single topic. Things go sideways quickly.

But no… Lunarwing is not a mount. It will never be a mount.


Understandable especially around this topic :slight_smile: I didn’t think it was either but since I never use it thought maybe something had changed and I just missed it lol Good to know I hadn’t.

So not only do Druid’s get shafted not being able to use our class hall “mount” in BFA for the past year we also get shafted on equipment. Other bonuses apply like the speed bonuses.

Typical Blizzard when it comes to Druids.


Druids can also use flying chicken to avoid going splat as well, so no need to worry about warmode splat-tastic if you play boomkin

If you are a druid who wants to use your travel forms: you made the wrong choice. --Blizzard entertainment