Community Council is just a PR move

Blizzard might not respond here on the forums but make no mistake, they know what is going on with their game. They have access to all of our collective feedback as well as a million other data points that we don’t have access too.

If they wanted to change the game in the direction that the “community at large” has been asking for, they would simply do it.

The bottom line is one of two things:

Either, the development has a problem with “One hand washing the other”

or, this is simply the way they want the game to be.

The game is exactly how Blizzard has designed it for a reason.

TL;DR-Blizzard is gunna do what Blizzard is gunna do.

A Community Council is not going to change anything.

My takeaway is simple. If there is something that still is worth playing the game for, I will. If not, there are multitude other games out there.

Blizzard don’t care how it “used to be” or “how we think it should be”. And I say that not with malice or discontent but just realistic acceptance.

Thanks. Have a great day and enjoy the holidays!

Note: This has nothing to do with any particular or current event but is just a general statement based on the style of development since after Mists.


Community council from what i have gathered is made up of “big guys” mean streamers/youtubers/gladiators etc . There is no MT thread on "community forums " while GD is going berserk with it :frowning:


I sincerely hope it does.


There is a post!

Ye but its “doable” from their point of view just 1 guy trying to reach a middle ground .


There is nothing elaborate about it. It was pretty obvious when it was announced that they wanted to look like they were doing something. Nothing will come out of the council, simple as that.


it was a knee jerk due to subs falling in 9.1.5 and slow dev time is taking it’s toll add in the ignored feedback for 2 xpacs they need something to click. Hence the council and 9.2 announcement so soon after 9.1.5.

Now will anything come from it? i doubt it… MVP program is a bust and all it does at least for CS and tech support is allowing people to do a paid job for free. The secret forum went defunct because of dev hubris.

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Do you mean me with the 1 guy trying to reach a middle ground? If yes let me elaborate.

I am against nerfing the mage tower into the ground (although that differs from person to person). I am however for it that the mage tower in this form (given the rewards compared to legion) is at least on the balance level as it was stated to be. Which was Antorus (which was already nerfed given the ilvl it was created around. Which was ToS). That way its not uber hard but also people have to at least understand the encounter and to some extent their classes without having to go tryhard.

Also the “feeling of having to farm bis gear” should not exist in the first place (which many people assumed would happen. As it did.)

Most likely yes.


This is the biggest issue with the current MT.

If Blizz really wanted it to be player skill they would have created templates. After you enter the Tower, every class/spec would have the same stats/hp/skills/power to complete the tower.

No bis socketed gear, no op trinkets/enchants. This would have made much more sense and wouldn’t have caused dramas We current are seeing.


Fully agree with this. I think this would have made balancing much easier as well. Change talents around and thats it !

I just don’t like the idea of Blizzard listening to feedback from select players and no one else. It’s not like there’s a system in place to funnel feedback to CC Members who then bring it to the Devs. They aren’t a middleman. The community has no say over who gets put on the Council or what topics they talk about. It’s just 100 individuals who answer to no one. Their feedback should in no way be considered representative of the playerbase, and is therefore useless and potentially harmful if listened to by Blizzard.


Templates yes. Im all for that. Same stats wouldnt work because some classes/specs work differently than others. 14% vers on a Sub rogue is different than lets say 14% vers on assassination. Same goes for HP, skills and power as that too varies a lot.

Absolutely agree.


I mean, in my heart of hearts…I hope Community Council does too. But ask yourself this: What data can they possibly bring that hasn’t already been expressed via Alpha/Beta feedback or the multitude of feedback platforms that are currently in place?

And this is the paradox of Community Council selection: If they pick big name streamers that know what is what i the game, they are accused of favoritism but if they pick an unknown person they are accused of not caring or not getting strong enough feedback.

I mean despite the obvious issues of the current forums we have, there is still mountains of genius feedback given by very passionate players right here from all variety’s of players.

I mean is a “Community Council” gonna say thing in some magic words that Blizzard can understand so they can finally take the needed action?

I think no. They already know things they could and should do to make the game better. What more evidence do you need than to look at the current patch fixing nearly everything that was given as feedback from Beta forums.

Exactly. However I would call something with this many people/moving parts “elaborate”. I feel I am dead on when saying it is an "Elaborate Public Relations move to placate players that are on the edge of losing subscriptions and slow subscription drop rate.


True dat.

**Dont get me wrong, I’m no Blizzard hater. In fact, I am often accused of White Knighting whenever my viewpoint aligns with Blizzard decisions(which is rare these days).

I’m just telling people to not get false hope. The game is what it is. If they wanted to make it different than it currently is then they would. You can look at Shadowlands Beta Feedback being implemented as “fixes” in patch 9.1.5 as the most recent example. This seems to be the development cycle they want to “Follow” and there not accidently doing it.

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Everyone is free to grab my b-net tag off wowprogress or ask for my discord tag (Kretias#0975). I will however ignore any blind flame for the sake of flaming.

Linking me in any of the Threads also works because i get an notification about it.

Something i have also stated when the system was announced. The council shouldnt be needed in the first place if all forums would have been read.


Ye but MT is honestly too hard i m speaking just and just for guardian druid , Its not like it was in ptr from what i heard from peoples who did it when it was up . In a nutshell current MT is lets say mythic difficulty which do not give you any leeway for any mistake . You do i mistake could be from anything mobs couldnt be killed in time or velen got under the adds and died or eyes were too far and then infernal etc etc .
It should be around topmost Heroic so that there still be a way to correct your mistake . Its a guardian challange and we have to use boomy aff to do it which aint right as its TANK challange not DPS .
There are boatload of peoples and i consider myself in those who mashed their heads on day it was released and kept failing and failing and failing for like 3 dyas give or take 4 to 6 hours daily and still couldnt complete it .

if there are no streamers who have been vocal against the game recently , like Asmongold , Preach , Stoopz , then i don’t believe in the community council

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FWIW I acknowledge that there are some members on the Council that will behave in this way, but it’s not built in to the system itself, which is a problem if we REALLY want to go down this Community Council route.

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I cant talk about Guardian druid just yet because im currently still working on mine gear wise before i go in there again to do the tank challenge since legion.

Hene why it should be around Argus gear level (as stated) as that was the gear level that did give several leeways in regards of doing mistakes.

Do you mean the current MT or the old MT in this regard?

There is by extension. However it requires for members of the council to read the other forums and then collect the data. Hence why im stalking on the EU and now US general forums

It’s a good question.

I guess the answer is you never know. Not everyone beta/alpha tests. Typically, its the more “hardcore” players that do, so if we have players on the council that do and don’t beta test we get their unique perspectives as well.

I hope that what blizzard intends with the council is to hear out, address, and implement changes to concerns that are voiced, and have been voiced. I’m sure that a number of topics have been addressed in beta testing, but not all of them.

I may be wrong about this, but beta testing often identifies systems issues and things that should be changed in the upcoming patch. It doesn’t identify issues that the RP community wants fixed, legacy looting, foundational M+ changes, player/guild housing, etc.

That’s what I’m hoping for. An open line of communication and for the playerbase to feel heard by Blizzard through the community council.

I’m under no obligation to read the GD forums. But I’ve been here, for the last 3 days reading every post directed to and talking about the CC as well as many others, looking for ideas, asking questions, talking to the community, because I want to fix this game just as much as anyone else.