[Classic] Season 3 PvP ladder cutoffs, rewards and cheaters

I would like to talk about the Season 3 PvP ladder cutoffs and how it was seemingly not handled like Season 1 and 2.

I remember seeing teams getting disqualified from the ladder, players getting banned for cheating (as they should) and the cutoffs being made to reflect this, but with Season 3, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

See the following threads raising the concern:
Will S3 Gladiator cutoff rating change due to dqs
Still no season 3 cheating disqualifications or bans

Why was this season handled differently?
Would it be possible to fix this issue in some way so that the players that should have made the cutoffs for the season can have their rewards?


I don’t like doing the whole bumping thing, but this is still an issue and Season 4 end is fast approaching, are we supposed to expect the same issue will be reoccuring with Season 4 and nothing will be done about either Seasons?