Will S3 gladiator cutoff rating change due to dqs?

Previously posted this in the wrong forum so reposting here…

There were 6 teams ineligible for rewards for gladiator in NA 2v2 leaderboard…previously 5 and yet the gladiator cutoff rating did not change. In past seasons the gladiator cutoff rating always was lowered due to dqs but not a single gladiator cutoff was lowered in every bracket regarding s3 rewards. Is this still something that might occur in the future or are the results finalized?


I don’t think results are finalized for awhile, in recent memory season 1 it took several days for the ratings to be adjusted after rewards were handed out. It looks like these 6 teams have no one eligible for rewards.

  1. “lose but beat” at 2833
  2. “blasting off” at 2767
  3. “blacklisted” at 2724
  4. “friendly fade” at 2714
  5. “The Gopher” at 2706
  6. “so dumb” at 2681

Yes the last team “so dumb” is a new team that was just added with nobody on the team and being highlighted as sort of ineligible. I believe adjustments happened already in the past when the rewards went out. In fact…some people / teams would get dqd and others would receive rewards that were outside of the range…these dqs were later overturned and the rewards for the others still remained.


Agreed, those teams in the 2v2 bracket have no players that would qualify for rewards, but the rosters are still taking up a glad slot. These teams need to be removed and the cutoffs should update


Also confused on this, it appears there were zero DQs in 2s (either for invalid teams or bans). Has this been verified to be accurate?


There’s no blue post confirmation but it does look like nothing got adjusted for including ineligible teams on any bracket, not just 2v2.


Yes, which is why I made my post… cheers!


Would definitely like to hear from Blizz about this. Seems unlikely that there would be zero DQs in every single bracket unless they changed their policy to where they still DQ teams, but it doesn’t affect the cutoff, which wouldn’t make sense imo


I support this post ^^


Currently there has been no disqualifications anywhere. None on the US servers, EU server or OCE servers. You can track this by going to ironforgepro and looking at the rankings for s3.

Right now there is a team sitting at Gladiator rank in 3s on Oceanic that blatantly wintraded 100% of games with their alt teams at 4am when nobody was on. This was known about all season and you can even match up their win losses every week with their alt teams. None got banned or disqualified.

Why nobody has been banned or disqualified yet is very strange.


If it helps I have actually ticketed a GM on the day that the awards for season 3 were handed out. I noticed no teams got banned and the obviously cheating/win traded teams on Oceanic were left alone for some reason.

For some reason they said the rewards had not been sent out and the disqualifications had yet to be concluded. Meanwhile everyone had received the awards.

This is the reply I got from my ticket.

Apologies for taking a bit longer to get back to you.

The rewards for the end of season arena, have not actually been send just yet, so it is ok to not have received them just yet.

They will likely be send out, over the next day or so, once the disqualifications have been concluded.

I hope this answers your ticket!

Take care and stay safe.


I definitely hope they’re still reviewing; it’s pretty lame if Blizzard has just decided to do things differently for s3.

While I’m sure there are other considerations from their end, it takes no more than a few minutes for anyone to go through the ladder and pick out the clearly ineligible teams listed above. But hey, maybe they’re holding off on DQs entirely until they can investigate some of the teams with less obvious issues.

Either way, I would expect something like this to have been sorted given that there was already a week delay before titles went out.


Extremely hard to believe that they did DQ’s correctly and it didn’t affect rating in ANY bracket by at least 1 point. I submitted multiple tickets to GM’s and they said that to be assured that everything has been done correctly….


Have they said it has already been done and the disqualifications have been completed? Can you copy paste one of their replies?

Because I can see that not a single team has been DQ’d on any ladder based on Ironforgepro.

I can also say for a fact the most obvious win trade team of all time has yet to be banned on OCE.


Here is the reply.

The most important part first. Of course there have been disqualifications this season. Disqualifications are the Reason why it takes a few weeks between the end of one season and the rewards being distributed. We do this by hand, which is the main reason this always takes so long. Because the ratings are considered internal information I cannot tell you what the Cutoffs for the rewards and titles on your server are but I can promise you that there were no issues or bugs. Every player, who was not disqualified, has received his/her rewards based in their rating.


Super weird right? Cause If this GM says they have done their DQ’s, then why has the rating not changed??


That is very strange because then yes, the ratings would change.


S3 was a huge success for RMT and boosters. 100% satisfaction…


What is going on here. GM please?


I cannot fully confirm but apparently sethbc’s 5v5 team on NA from s3 did not receive r1 titles and seth’s name is missing from the s3 NA 5v5 leaderboard team. Seth received a ban I believe so stuff happened but no adjustments to the leaderboard rating cutoffs…just odd?