Classic Era PvP Update - December 5

When we updated the PvP honor system in patch 1.14.4, our changes were focused on making it so that we no longer needed the old PvP Honor system script, eliminating ranking points, and removing de-ranking due to decay. As we look to the future, we’ve carefully considered the role of decay in today’s Honor system and how it interacts with increasingly competitive Honor requirements in higher ranks.

As a result, we’ve arrived at the decision to disable Honor decay in Classic Era and Season of Discovery. This will become effective starting with scheduled weekly maintenance (on December 5 in this region).

When the weekly Honor rollover occurs on December 5, you will no longer decay due to having not met the minimum Honor requirements for your rank. Please note that decay is not the same as the penalties incurred by earning dishonorable kills, which is now the only way a player can lose rank progress.

Thank you!


Wrath Era server coming?


SoR (Season of Retail)


Can you buff wsg and ab honor, so that ppl queue for more than just av?


please lower honor thresholdsfor lower level brackets or increase their honor gains, its too difficult to breach r4-6 in the 39s-49s brackets. This could be via boosting WSG gains?


Buff WSG and AB honor so we can get away from AV.


@Kaivax Is this rank/level cap requirement still accurate or does this update change them?

Rank Required level
1 1
2 1
3 1
4 33
5 38
6 41
7 44
8 46
9 48
10 51
11 53
12 55
13 57
14 59

Hurray! :heart:


wtf??? why you just dont sell the pvp gear on AH so? The last pvp update was good, but this one, wtf.


grind 13 hours a day for weeks? bad design, but grind 3 - 4 hours a day to get a very good gear, ok. Now people dont even decay. On SoD ok, because is a SEASON, but on era??


Completely eliminating decay is way too far. Won’t this pretty much invalidate a lot of raids aswell? Not really sure why they can’t just leave era alone.


I like this change but R14 gear needs to be either rebalanced (nerfed) to be more in-line with MC/BWL gear or locked until AQ40 is out where the R14 is currently equal to.

If people can casually AV for 6 hours a day and hit R14 in just a few weeks then no one will bother touching the early raids until they’ve finished their PvP grind. This is the same problem SoM had but would be 10x worse with literally 0 decay.

This is their ‘fix’ to the design mistake they made with this new system. I wrote a post on this on Oct 1 (last paragraph - Do you realize Blizzard is turning Classic into retail? - #13 by Baroc-mankrik).

With SoD coming out, they know que times will get long and there will come a time when it’s impossible to hit the honor caps at the top ranks. This is their solution.

whats the point of raiding for tier 1 / tier 2 now, when you can easily get r14 gear and just care about trinkets and other s###

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So does this change the top end of the honor caps or does it just change the segment of the honor cap where you would decay into a “your honor stays the same” segment?

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Because R14 gear isn’t good for all specs. Some specs will only use the weapons from R14.

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Don’t Retail my Era.

I am glad the WoW devs are still looking at Era PvP, but yall should not be doubling down on making it more like retail. This does nothing to address the players afk in AV getting insane honor. This does nothing to address the players buying silithyst sand drop offs in Silithis for gold that they likely bought with real money. This does nothing to address these and other exploitations of players getting PvP gear with less than 1,000 kills.

The Era PvP ranking system should have been kept as is in posterity as the old honor system was absolutely unique with being coupled by the efforts of other players and the decay system. Now with the past 1.14.4 honor change and this on top, PvP gear & titles no longer have any social value. The PvP system used to be a goal people strove for and made sacrifices for. Now it is just a simple rep grind by another name.


yeah, everyone with same weapon, instead of a lot from mc / bwl. cool point, not to mention that whoever gets 14 for the gun will use equipment. Cool change, retailing the classic ERA. this is not even for SoD only.


On the bright side if you don’t want to PvP it’s going to be alot easier to get gear/weapons while everyone else is going for trinkets and other certain items like Onslaught Girdle from Rag.

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