Classic Era 1.14.4 PvP Update Schedule

When we update Classic Era to version 1.14.4 with scheduled maintenance on August 22, the new Honor and ranking system will be implemented. When realms go live on the new patch, PvP will resume as planned. When you log into Classic Era after the update, you will retain:

  • Most** of your lifetime kills.
  • Your lifetime highest rank.
  • Your current** Honor rank.

**Please note that PvP activities the week preceding the patch will not be counted. All Classic Era PvP calculations done during maintenance on August 15 will be the last for the old system, with the exception of weekly decay, which will still be accounted for on August 22. For example, if you were 90% into Rank 12 on August 15, there’s a high chance you will not be 90% into Rank 12 when you log in on August 22. You may have decayed down to 0% of rank 12 (or close to it).

For more information on how Classic Era PvP works, before and after this update, please read our outline here.

Thank you!


Thanks for that clarification! I was wondering whether if it was going to be a full reset or just a zeroing out of honor for the current rank you are on.


This looks like it plugs every major hole the old system ever had. I didnt see anything that got overlooked. The biggest one i like is removing even the need for bracket fixing. Busting the mafia by making their existence obsolete.

Bravo. :dracthyr_heart:


Does that mean if I decayed to zero, I will be boosted up to my lifetime highest rank?

Or, does it mean my rank is zero but I can still purchase gear that requires my highest rank?

Or does that just mean I get the title of my lifetime highest rank?


Thanks for the info but dam that would have been useful to know earlier…instead of 4 days before the final ranking calculation.


my question too!




Interesting. People will mostly like this. Thanks for the update.

Maybe I’ll take my cloned hunter from R13 to R14 in Era if I don’t have to start from R0. I wasn’t planning on Era ranking at all but maybe I’ll do that.

And now, open a few F R E S C O S servers, so we can start from zero to rank up that honor!

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it’s a fake rank in a fake video game i think you’ll survive :expressionless:

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Thank you for listening to the voices who applaud your reconsideration.


Maybe real life is fake too and nothing matters because we’re in a simulation?

lol so far all the comments in the EU thread are about bots.

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Is there any chance of getting Fresh servers with the new PVP system? That would be tremendous!

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This is excellent and deeply appreciated. It has been a difficult journey for players who ranked in classic & Era. To have lost all those kills on their honor tab as well as current players losing rank would have been devastating. Most WoW players do not read the forums and the loss would have taken them by surprise, just as how many are still surprised to this day by having their characters moved onto WotLK after a hiatus. I still oppose the PvP changes, but I applaud making the process as least disruptive as possible to the wider community. I also would like to thank yall for the continued communication on matters that affect Era players. After all, we pay the same monthly sub as Retail & Classic players.

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I am pleasantly surprised and its freaking awesome you dont lose ur current rank.

Great Job on this change.


Yeah and it might stop 60s from ganking lowbies because the only way to lose rank is dishonorable kills!

You don’t get a DK from killing lowbies though.


If bgs become super active… it might lower the amount of 60’s out in the world ganking.


Killing a lowbie is a dishonorable kill now?

No, that would be crazy.