CE Mythic Raiding <Concept> LF More Ranged DPS! 6/9 M

Concept is a semi hardcore raiding guild that prides itself on downing bosses and having a good time doing it. We are a CE Legion guild that took a break during early Uldir for IRL reasons of previous leadership, but we are in full swing and back into the fray. The standard and expectations are there for each individual but the stress of pushing ranks and getting hall of fame top 100 is not. We are a collective of top 10-30 US players from multiple expansions that once played extremely hardcore and have taken a step back due to life and are just downing bosses, getting CE, and having a good time with each other.

Tues, Wed, Thurs, 7:30pm-10:30pm PST

Current needs:
We are currently taking in all exceptional healers /DPS/Tanks.

What we offer:
Other than the usual, free Flasks and Feasts for raid, we offer a unique experience for our raiders to feel the high standard and expectations raiding environment without the stress of pushing ranks and/or hall of fame top 100. Alts are optional, we enforce a “bring the player, not the class” mentality to our raids. We are not progressing at a top 100 mentality so there is no need to enforce alt swapping or main swapping at the expense of the player. We want you to play with what you are best at, period.

We all have high standards and expectations due to being HC players, but we realize this is a game. All of us have lives outside of this game, but we come together because we enjoy each other’s company. At the end of the day its the company that makes the content, not the other way around.

We have an active community that is involved in multiple activities outside of raid. M+s, Transmog runs, MOBAS, Battle Royal Games, etc. We all play other games outside of WoW, but WoW is our median for each other. Its where we share and compare our values and company.

The environment of high expectations comes from the top down. Being an officer does not give a free pass for bad performance or any additional responsibilities. Everyone plays at their best and is open for criticism to improve personal play for the team. This is a team game and everyone plays at their best for the person next to them. Not just for themselves.

Very active and involved leadership. The leadership are constantly looking at logs and ways to improve play for every individual on the raid team. That includes teaching how to read logs, teaching how to properly do dummy time, teaching how to maintain CDs vs Boss Timers, teaching how to properly set up UIs and WAs, teaching how to create WAs. Its easy to tell you how to do everything, but teaching you how to maintain these things for yourself will elevate you as a player, person, and ultimately as a team.

Content Creators welcome. We have multiple high level players that are also content creators on the team. To help facilitate them we make their streams as viewing friendly as possible with being a more mature player base. We also guarantee no take aways from them as well with not asking them to do anything for the guild or compromise them in any way. It is your lively hood and stays that way.

What we ask of you:
You are expected to come to raid prepared. When strats are presented, you are required to read and understand them. If you do not, ask someone/anyone. We are a team and need everyone to be on the same page. Be as prepared as you can be before we pull the boss for the 1st time.

You are expected to maintain Mythic Raiding level performance. With that we understand that this is a game, should be fun, and we don’t get paid to play it. If you have any short comings they will be identified and we will help you through them to bring you back up to speed with the rest of the raid team.

If you are struggling on a boss due to ingame or unforeseen IRL problems, or will not be able to attend a raid day please communicate that. We are understanding for the need to adjust and it will be easier to facilitate those adjustments with communication.

Contact Us:
If you are interested in joining or have any questions regarding the guild, please contact us or check out our application process in our discord and we will get back to you shortly.
Discord Link - discord.gg/VHNBFYs

Officer Core:
Bnet - ÐeadÐrop#1306
Discord - Shock#3934
Bnet - Tae#12143
Discord - Tae#7759
Bent - Daggy#1643
Discord - Daggy#4801

Bnet - Kenit#1888
Discord - Ken#6876


Need an hpalli?

Healers are currently a high priority for us. Feel free to visit the discord link in the post to join our recruitment discord and fill out a quick application, or you can add any of the officers on battle.net or discord to talk!

Still actively interested in:

  • One Full-time Healer
  • One Flex DPS/Healer (Swing Healer)
  • A few more skilled DPS. (High interest - Mages, Hunters, Rogues)

^ What he said ^

Still looking for those above mentioned roles. We’re gonna do great friends.

^ What he said ^

Still looking for a few more!

Still taking in applicants for the last few spots on the roster

High Interest:

  • Fulltime Healer
  • Ranged DPS

^ What he said ^

Still taking in apps and working on prep for BfD

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I know where they are!

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need a tank?

Something something still taking apps for skilled players!

We are super full on tanks, unfortunately. Wish you the best of luck in your search for a guild!

Still looking around for some good players for a few slots.