Cataclysm Classic Development Notes and Known Issues -- Updated April 8

Welcome to the Cataclysm beta test. Throughout this test period, we will deploy fixes and improvements to the Cataclysm test environment and provide information and updates in this thread.

At this time, the following are unavailable for testing in the Cataclysm beta:

  • Reforging
  • Archaeology
  • Goblins and Worgen Races
  • Transmogrification
  • Guild system updates
  • Leveling past 80
  • Endgame dungeons
  • Dungeon Journal
  • Tol Barad
  • Character info screen updates

We’re currently tracking the following Known Issues:

  • Testers may receive a Lua error relating to Blizzard_SettingsDefinitions_Frame_Classic.toc when logging into the game.
  • The World map has some selection and highlight issues.
  • There may be a LUA error when opening the Collections UI or selecting a new pet or mount.
  • Minimaps are not working inside a majority of the indoor environments.
  • The Mastery Passive and Armor Specialization can’t be learned from your trainer.
  • Leveling up shows “Congratulations, you have reached [Level 0]” in the chat.
  • Some questgivers in Southern Barrens aren’t spawning in properly.
  • Some quest NPCs in Redridge Mountains are not spawning in properly.

Today, we’ve updated the Cataclysm Beta to build 53973, which includes the 80-85 Cataclysm leveling experience, the character copy function, and templates to get you straight into the endgame.

At this time, the following features have been added:

  • Level 80-85 zones are unlocked.
    • Vash’jir (Level 80-82)
    • Mount Hyjal (Level 80-82)
    • Deepholm (82-83)
    • Uldum (83-84)
    • Twilight Highlands (84-85)
  • Leveling Dungeons
  • Level 80 players will begin to gain experience.
  • Character copy
  • Archaeology

The following features are still a work-in-progress, and are unavailable for now:

  • Reforging
  • Transmogrification
  • Guild system updates
  • Dungeon Journal
  • LFD
  • Tol Barad

We’re currently tracking the following known issues:


  • The cinematic doesn’t play properly during “The Eye of the Storm”, causing the player to be stuck for ~4 minutes without being able to interact with the questgiver.
  • The quest “Be Raptor” is not completable.
  • Some cinematics don’t play properly, requiring players to Esc out of them.

Class & Combat:

  • Players can still learn some weapon skills.
  • Resistances aren’t calculating properly.
  • Druid - The Euphoria proc rate when casting Starfire and Wrat is significantly lower than it should be.
  • Druid - Mangle (cat & bear) are unlearned on logout.
  • Druid – Rejuvenation is doing significantly lower healing than it should.
  • Death Knight – Raise Dead doesn’t raise a ghoul
  • Death Knight - Rune Tap does not activate a rune immediately.
  • Goblin – Rocket Barrage doesn’t scale with attack power
  • Paladin & Warrior - Block only block 1 damage.
  • Warlock – Blood Pact gives strength instead of stamina


  • Some Orc and Gnome NPCs are displaying untextured pink facial hair (questionable fashion choice)

Today, we’ve updated the Cataclysm Beta to build 54137, which includes additional features and some major bug fixes.

At this time, the following features have been added:

  • Reforging
  • Transmogrification
  • Dungeon Journal
  • Random Dungeon Finder

The following features are still in progress, and are unavailable for now:

  • Tol Barad
  • Level 80-85 Battlegrounds
  • Raids
  • Guild system updates
    • This system is accessible in game, but is a work-in-progress and has many potential bugs.

We’ve also made the following bug fixes since the last build (thank you all for your reports!):


  • The cinematic plays properly for “Eye of the Storm”, and no longer causes players to freeze.

Class & Combat

  • Block works properly.
  • Haste works properly for HoTs and DoTs.
  • Players can no longer level up weapon skills.
  • Resistances are calculating properly.
  • Death Knight – Raise Ghoul now raises a ghoul.
  • Druid – Euphoria and Rejuvenation are working properly now.
  • Druid – Mange is no longer unlearned on logout.
  • Warlock – Blood Pact gives stamina.

We’re currently tracking the following known issues:


  • Heirlooms are missing stats.
  • You receive a LUA error the first time you open the Tradeskill window.
  • Quest “Be Raptor” is not completable.

Class & Combat

  • Death Knight - Rune Tap does not activate a rune immediately.
  • Druid – Starsurge is unlearned when changing specializations.
  • Hunter – Steady Shot and Cobra Shot have incorrect cast times.
  • Priest – Prayer of Mending does not work.
  • Warrior – Intercept only causes 1 damage.