Why is there even a closed beta for cata

No what I’m saying is, and I quote myself, “They can’t figure out how to fix ANYTHING.” The word is incompetent.

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I worked for large computer manufacturers my entire career. I was always doing development work on large software products such as operaring systems, database systems, compilers, networks, etc.

Every year when we were about to start planing for the next version the product manager would meet with us. He was the contact between marketing and engineering. He would show up with a list of all we had to do for the next release.

He would say, we need all these things on the list, we need it in one year and you can’t have any extra people. Oh my gosh how we would laugh. And I’m talking about slap your knees double over kind of laughing.

Of course he knew this was coming, he did it just to bust our chops. Then we would tell him to prioritize the list. We would draw a line in the middle and what came in above the line got done, what came in below the line did not get done.

It’s a simple matter of reality. A given team of engineers can only do a given amount of work in a given amount of time.

WoW has declined. They are objectively worse at fixing bugs, if they fix them at all. The PvP flag not dropping in dungeons, for instance. They couldn’t figure out how to fix it - that much is obvious, since they simply did away with the five minute flag. They can’t work the problem.

There wasn’t a problem with the HH mount working properly in the original game, nor was there a persistent unbound plague bug that lasted THE ENTIRE GAME. Or the holiday bosses being bugged THE ENTIRE EVENT

Looking at just one of these bugs - the HH mount - which in the original game worked as a ground mount in Dal: "In this patch, because of unique and significant complications with how Dalaran works, we had to make a decision to allow all or none in Dalaran.

We intend to sort this out entirely in a future patch."

So they can’t figure it out. And then they came up with this: “We looked into it, and this is not a bug.” Really. The headless horseman was a ground and flying mount to begin with, now they have broken it in Dalaran.

The word again is “incompetent.”

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Well no question you have run into bugs and they are impacting you. Personally I haven’t seen them. But then I stick mostly to open world questing.

There was one historic bug back in the day where a plague escaped a dungeon and got into the open world and into the cities. I believe it was because they forgot to “cure” the hunter pets before they left the instance.

So I don’t know, maybe your just unlucky and you are hitting all the bugs and maybe there area lot more.

I did this after reading this and \o/ \o/ \o/ :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Like I’ve said, the Retail UI is mostly good for crafting mat purchases, since (to be a MASSIVE nerd) it literally treats them as commodities within a “perfect competition” system, in that one Iron Ore is exactly the same as another irrespective of the seller; it also allows you to just pick a quantity and it’ll auto-fill it from the listings at the lowest available price.

That sounds like a good thing, tbh.

That’s pretty much universal; I’ve spent most of my working life in retail and you’re generally expected to do the work of two people by someone (usually outside the store’s internal hierarchy), even if the store manager or whatever understands that you’re not going to get everything done if the number customers passes a certain point.

That would be the Blood Plague Incident, caused by a debuff in ZG from the end boss; otherwise, you’re right, it was a Hunter pet that had been infected, dismissed, then resummoned outside the raid…with the debuff still active, with total chaos ensuing to the point where it’s actually been studied IRL as a pandemic.

Blizzard has been incompetent the past 15 years. What’s new

The kind of bugs we dealt with in OG Vanilla-WOTLK would have you running in circles screaming. Thing is the game was newish and people were too interested in enjoying the game than calling everything crap.

The game is far more stable than it was in the “good ol’ days” expac releases don’t come with constant crashes and broken quests, entire zones mobs disappearing underground, boss fights completely evading and restarting, Hydross for example didn’t DC half the raid and port them back to Shatt like he did to my guild multiple times in 2007.

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Why closed? We already know what the content will be …

No argument with the need for a Beta test … but a “closed” beta? For a game remake that’s 15 years old?

Surely more bugs will be caught with a longer open beta with a larger community input? Not like they have to hide their IP on what the expansion will have …

How do I even sign up to get into the closed beta?

I assume just because its a mess right now due to their spaghetti code.

I’m only level 20 but its not too bad so far.

On a side note its amazing how much better leveling feels with the extra fp’s

it’s because some players will go in there just to play it instead of testing it, and then they will not buy subscription time at release, causing a loss of revenue to the company.

truly disturbing practice… shame on those who do that.

Because a lot of you just want to play the beta to find the best combos and methods. Betas are to find bugs.

It isn’t just the bugs being caught, but also the retesting afterward.

Blizzard is currently focusing on the leveling part of Cata (hence no character copy or template characters). I’m sure they have received dozens of reports of various quests, mobs, items, etc that need to be fixed. Some of those issues will be fixed, and then Blizz will invite more people to the beta. These new players will then do those same quests and interact with the same mobs and items and everything else, and Blizz will get to see if their changes worked or not.

If everyone was invited all at once as part of an open beta, there would be a mass rush at the start as everyone logs on as soon as they can. Then everyone finds the same issues as everyone else because fixes aren’t always immediate. However, it is unlikely many people would complete the lower level content again after they have already leveled through it once, so the majority of the players experience a broken game and very few stick around to test the fixes. This would reduce the chances Blizz would have to see if various corrections they make actually fix problems people encounter. While I am sure some people would do the content multiple times as well as a few who didn’t log on during the initial rush, Blizz has done enough betas and PTRs now that they should have the stats for how likely that actually is and they probably factor that into their invite schedule so they can get the testing they need.

Long story short, closed beta with staggered invites lets Blizz have more control over what gets tested and retested without artificial barriers (such as character wipes when Blizz needs more low level content retested).

To give two examples; Enchanting is completely broken since the button for Disenchant doesn’t exist in the UI, and when I was playing last night I leveled up twice, both times to level ZERO…as in the “You leveled up to level ______” text said “Level 0.”

Those are minor considering the Goblin and Worgen starting zones are complete DISASTERS.

At least this one was in their known issues post in the beta forums. :slight_smile:

And to be fair, the above mentioned Blizz post also says Goblin and Worgen are unavailable for testing, so people might have expected there to be issues with their starting areas…

Honestly I just did my usual Classic starting character; Human Mage with Tailoring and Enchanting. Gotta get them BAGS.

The FP additions was one of the few good changes that came with the 1-60 revamp. I specifically made sure to get everything leveled I wanted in Wrath just so I could avoid it in Cata.

Luckily for me I don’t care a thing about Worgen or Goblins so not a big deal there either.

I don’t know if anyone has noticed it but the beta servers are not meant to be open beta. They keep crashing and barely hold any players. If they make it open beta the test servers would just explode and make reporting bugs impossible.

At some point they will stress test it and that’s the point where they do open beta. Some of you just don’t know anything about the gaming industry lol

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